Seasoning Peppers

Anybody else growing these? There is a hot Scotch Bonnet in there, and a medium hot Fresno, but most of the others are fairly mild. The last one is Piquillo.


We grow Thai dragon, Scotch bonnet, and some generic moderate heat pepper (I forget what it is). Ours are all in the ground.

Do you have drain holes in your buckets? Gravel or something in the bottom? Most peppers are perennials and I’m thinking of putting them in buckets for the winter. When I had did that in a greenhouse I got more and earlier peppers the second and third year.

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Something like this, with Khang Starr

How to Make a Self-Watering Container for Peppers - YouTube


Pepper Lovers

I have only 1 pepper now since I want to test it out this year, it is Gorria or Espelette pepper.

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I’ve got a collection of these “seasoning” peppers. Some were collected in the Caribbean, others from vendors or the Seed Saver’s Exchange. Rocotillo (true) is one of my favorites. However, sloppy distribution of impure seed has resulted in a mix of traits, some being very hot-which true Rocotillo is not. I’ve maintained seed since the early 80s. Rocotillo is great for mixing with Blazing hot types to get a hot sauce both red colored and less intense. Here’s some from a harvest a few years back:

They have an intense “Habanero”/chinense flavor with almost no heat. The strongest fragrance in types I grow, I collected in Grenada; it’s yellow, with a powerful “mutton pepper” smell.

This year, I’m growing only a few C. chinese and they’re all pretty feisty:
Jamaican Salmon-colored Goat, the same in red, and Smoking’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper!:fearful:


Harvesting"rocotillos"! Hope they are real, or as good as! I believe I’m trying Aji Amarillo from you next year.

If those Rocotillo are outcrossed, I can get you seed.:sunglasses:
Shishitos are coming in like mad. Pan-blistered with a little salt, they’re addictive!

The crazy-hot ones are starting to come in. Fortunately, I’ve got a few gallons of pickled, liquified Rocotillos to blend a tolerable hot sauce with.



The so-called “rocatillo” is hotter than. It should be… Hmmph.

If you email me your address again, I can send you some True Rocotillo seed once the weather cools down. Like any pepper seed, keep in the fridge, in a airtight jar and keep dry. Stored this way, pepper seeds can last over 8 years.

I had a reverse cross on one “not-bagged” (pollination control) Red Carib. Goat Pepper; it crossed with Rocotillo. Looked just like a lot of fake Rocotillos. It was very hot. I pitched it, since it’s just source for contamination. Last time I grew Rocotillos, it was the only Capsicum chinense I grew that year, so seed should be good.


Stumbled on this picture from 2017

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