Seasonal Local Produce 2018 [MA]


Let’s post here about local seasonal produce finds – farmers market, farm stands, etc.


Yesterday at Wilson Farm in Lexington, they had the first of their own asparagus and fiddleheads. Pretty exciting!


Good thread.

They’ve had very expensive ramps at Formaggio Kitchen for a couple of weeks, and much less expensive ones (“less expensive” by ramp standards – $15ish/lb) a few days ago at the Fresh Pond WF. I like them grilled, and raw (used some of the leaves chopped raw in a salsa I made for cinco de mayo), and I’ve also mixed them into pan-cooked spicy ground meat (at the end) to replicate the filling of some fantastic lamb-and-ramp ravioli I got at Easter time at Eataly in NY last year (sadly, a one-off deal).

(Had them lightly battered and fried at the Bombay Bread Bar in NYC recently, and they were great that way, too.)


Ramps have been at Russo’s for a few weeks for $19.99/lb i think? For that price they are definitely an occasional treat. The cheap person aka me is sticking to garlic chives (Chinese leeks, Chinese chive, etc), which have a similar flavor profile but is around $3/lb or less. I like to mince a ton of it and stir into beaten eggs and then scramble; it’s a quick Northern Chinese dish. They are also good wrapped around little bunches of enoki mushroom and flash grilled.

Also available at Russo’s (and Asian markets), garlic scapes! They are mildly garlicky, crunchy, and great in a stir fry.

Has anybody seen any new garlic at any farms? I’ve been craving a sweet-and-sour pickled garlic from childhood but apparently those have to made with young garlic at the beginning of the year.


I’ve ramped up my ramping as I move down the off-ramp of the ramp season. (Sorry.)

  1. Ramps with soft scrambled eggs and coarsely ground black pepper.
  2. A chiffonade of ramp leaves on sable with bagels. (If you think ramps are expensive try Mamaleh’s sable.)
  3. Ramps, grated Gruyere and a little smoky paprika tucked into an omelette.
  4. Left over lo mein from Zoe’s, lightly crisped on a non-stick griddle with finely chopped ramps.
  5. Strips of ramp leaves layered with thinly sliced left over steak and a little mayo on brioche for lunch.
  6. Mushroom medley (cremini, shitake, oyster, hen of the woods) pan-fried with olive oil and butter, with the very last 1/4 lb of ramps chopped and stirred in.