Seasonal Items at Costco

I hope this will be helpful for some. I have to add the disclaimer that I haven’t stepped foot into a Costco for over a year.

I did work there for two years and learned some things I’ll pass along.

A lot of the merchandise you’ll see around this time of year is seasonal. Aside from the obvious, of course.

Parchment paper is considered seasonal, and they usually have it this time of year. When stock sells out it will be gone for many months.

Also, there’s a good amount of bake wear that isn’t available year round. Nice cookie sheets, sheet pans and the like.

Belgian and other luxury chocolates.

The red pepper jelly in the deli everyone loves, and a few other specialty foods.

Also, I think the sweetened condensed milk is seasonal, the 4 packs of Stovetop Stuffing, and I’m not sure, but possibly the 4 or 5 pack Pillsbury’s Crescent Rolls.

One way to tell, is if there’s an asterisk on the sign. That means whatever’s left, is it. It may or may not be back.

Hope this helps.

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