"Season 5" of Great British Baking Competition

(erica) #1

God knows what the actual chronology is, but on June 22, a season new to PBS begins airing in “the colonies”. Sue and Mel host, so it us not actually a recent one.

(John Hartley) #2

Series 5 is the 2014 one.

Cheer on Luis who lives. literally, a couple of miles away from me. The cheering is not to indicate how well he did, or didnt, do.


Luis is worth watching. He did some amazing work.

(John Hartley) #4

I thought it was one of the best series of the lot, with some incredible talent and perhaps more to the point for Bake Off fans, just a nice bunch of people.

Luis does a fantastic showstopper in one episode where, i think, the challenge was to represent their home area. He builds a small village based around a colliery - his part of town was known for coal mining many years back. And there’s Martha, then aged just 17, who has built quite a career - newspaper cooking column, etc. And Chetna, who now has a couple of cookbooks to her name (do think about getting “Chai, Chaat & Chutney” if you like south asian food.

By the by, Mary Berry has a new cookery challege show which is only a few episodes in - “Britain’s Best home Cook”. Fairly similar format, group of all too friendly type of contestants. Firstly - their “best …” last episode was chocolate pudding. The judges pick their favourite dishes and those winners get to pick an ingredient for the second challenge. After that, most of the cooks are told they are going through to the next round but two or three contestants have to do a cook-off before one of them is eliminated.


Season 5 also had one of the most heartbreaking moments (IMO) of the series. It is up for debate whether or not it was the result of deliberate sabotage, though I believe that was the case.

(John Hartley) #6

Me too. But enough of that - otherwise we’ll get accused of dealing spoilers.


Just trying to drum up interest. :blush:

(John Hartley) #8

Ah…in that case.

The plot thickened when the alleged perp mysteriously disappeared from the competition, never to return. Oooohhhhh.

(erica) #9

Sorry, British Hunions, but the PBS version of Season 5 is not going to be GBBO’s Season 5. Here, the first one PBS ran was the one with Luis and Martha, and was called Season 1. We have also had Nadya, Flora, and Candace. Our 5 will be one of the first few GBBO seasons.

(John Hartley) #10

Drat. I was getting quite excited for you.

Candice was the 2016 winner (our series 7) - and the last one when the programme was shown by the BBC.

So you’re going back in time then?

(erica) #11

Sorry, that was Frances, not Flora. Our series 1 through 4 were your 5,4,6,&7. Our 5, then, will be one of your first three, which is why I made the chronology comment. In the Boston area, our four seasons replay continually, as the program is very popular. The American attempts to recreate it have not been as well-received. Paul Hollywood did the first one, Mary Berry the others. The hosts were poor, and the contestants’ skills inferior to those of your bakers.

(erica) #12

The PBS season 5 is the U.K.'s season 3. Episode 3 showed some impressive bakes but the creations on the first two episodes were mostly mediocre. There’s nobody for whom I immediately wanted to root, so I googled the finale results and won’t be glued to the TV set on Friday nights.

(John Hartley) #13

I agree with you, Erica, about the bakers in our Series 3. It was one of those where I really didnt care who won. The winner later published a baking book which Mrs H bought. Then he published a more general cookbook - 5 ingredients only for each recipe. It was one of the most awful cookbooks that has ever appeared in this house and one that lasted the least time here. Oddly enough, Jamie Oliver is currently doing a “5 ingredients” series on TV - so nothing original, then.