Season 15 Top Chef contestant Fatima Ali's cancer has returned, and is terminal


This is really sad. I never ate her food but she was so generous and likeable on the show. And the article I’ve linked is painful to read.

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Sad to hear. I agree, she was very likeable on the show.


I just found out about this yesterday from seeing Padma Lakshmi’s Instagram post. I enjoyed watching Fatima on Top Chef and Chopped. She is so young. It is very sad.


Someone has set up a Go Fund Me account for her so she can travel and eat at all the places she’s hoped to during the time she has left.


Here it is:


Thanks for sharing. An intense read although I didn’t know who she is.


I’ve posted this elsewhere, but I guess it belongs here.

Fatima Ali, ‘Top Chef’ fan favorite, dies at 29

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That is so sad. So young!


And she didn’t even have a year. Awful. Fuck cancer.