searching for tamales wrapped in banana leaves in the seattle area

hi everyone,
i’m searching for tamales that are wrapped in banana leaves in the seattle area. restaurants, food trucks, mexican delis, any recommendations are greatly appreciated. i am actually north of seattle in lynnwood. thank you!

How about this at the Ballard Farmers Market?

I agree with their comment that REALLY good Mexican food isn’t so easy to find in Seattle.

thank you catholiver. the linked article was from 2008, did a search for the Agave but i don’t think they’re around anymore. :disappointed: still searching. does anyone know what area of mexico the banana leaf tamales are from? all i’ve ever had was the corn husk ones.

catholiver, i clicked on the Ballard Farmer’s Market link within the article, and it took me to Fremont Sunday Market, and saw Los Agaves was one of the food vendors. a quick search in yelp shows them located in pike place market, and a picture of their menu shows a banana leaf tamal, i think, oaxa style. guess i’ll be heading to pike place real soon. thank you!

YAY!!! Let us know what you think. We’re regular visitors to Seattle and haven’t been bowled over by Mexican food. That menu looks good, doesn’t it?

i can’t wait to try their tamales. thanks for the link to los agaves web site. the prices seem a bit high. $4 for a tamale. $10 for a meat huarache? …the burrito is mission style which i am not a fan of…picky, picky, picky, yes? :smile: but the $2 tacos are on the mark.
thanks again!

Hey, it’s Pike Place Market :slight_smile:

La Carta de Oaxaca

Andrea, have you eaten here? This is at least the third place I’ve seen where birria is made with lamb :frowning:

La Carta? Yes, several times but not recently. Never tried the birria.

We went to a place in No. SEA where the carnitas listed on the menu were chicken and beef. They have pork but it’s not on the menu. A challenge :slight_smile: But, hey, I cook Mexican a lot so no biggie.

Back in May. Hopefully we can get together ?

Oh wow, I thought carnitas were always pork, I woulda’ been bummed.

As did we :slight_smile: I honestly don’t remember what we had but it wasn’t bad at all.

El Camion has leaf-wrapped tamals. Photo here:

I haven’t been there in quite awhile. I recall the tamales were good…

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We’ve been meaning to check out their North Seattle truck right by Home Depot. Heard their fish tacos are super.

thank you! i see their tamales are made with plantain, not the corn masa, but i’ll give it a try. the rest of their menu looks fantastic. i am happy to see that everything is not smothered with american style cheese and the fish tacos are grilled fish. i’ll be heading down there soon.

i just read on yelp dated 3/10 that this location was closed down by the health department. does anyone have any info on this?

I did not know plantain tamales were a thing. Sounds good!

i think the banana leaf wrapped tamales at la carta de oaxaca were plantain. it was
sweet. not at all like the tamales i am used to.

Not sure about the type of leaves used, but this place Cafetal Quilombo seems promising. . Have driven by many times but not sampled yet.

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Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2