Search from profile page fails to limit to a specified member ID

Sorry if this has been mentioned and I missed it. When searching comments from the profile page you can specify either “all” or those by (e.g.) “@CCE”.

But the results show all posters. One can get the desired search by going to the Advanced Search page and runnung it again, so it’s not a huge issue.

It’s a relatively new quirk, I think a couple of weeks, but I haven’t been paying great attention as I don’t do that search too often.


Agreed. I just noticed it yesterday and today. I just thought it was something that has been happening since HO was created.

But it would be nice if searching for “lamb tagine” posted by LindaWhit would only come up where I mentioned it and not everytime those two words had been used on any thread.


how “search” is implemented by various forum software is . . . ah, politely said . . . a really big mess.

SQL = “Search Query Language” is a well defined, widely known and accepted “standard”
some forum software people have never heard of it.

a search for (lamb tagine) may require, per forum, different synatax/operators:

“lamb tagine”

it’s a right royal mess.


I usually use the within-the-quotes method, as that often means “search for these words in the order in which they are typed”, as it makes the most sense to me.

But I know it’s not the results that often spits out.

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Yes, if you want more precise terms, the way to go is not the site’s search feature but instead a google search on the site like

  • “term of interest”

which is how I do sitewide searches for recipes of interest.

But what I’m talking about here (and Linda also noticed) is a failure of the “who wrote it” search operator. (Fails from profile page search feature but works on the advanced search page.)

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Especially when they GIVE you the option of searching by User name as part of the search parameters.

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