Sean Brock Reboot

Interesting thoughts here, but how much takes hold remains to be seen…


With his rep he has a better chance to pull this off than 99.9% of the chef world. I have trouble seeing how his vision could actually work in a for profit model. Perhaps it could work as an offshoot of a well funded nonprofit retreat center.

But within his grand idea there are individual aspects which could be worked towards and even achieved. Any progress on those fronts would be wonderful. The restaurant biz, like retail, has a history of viewing their work force as their only controllable expense. Employees are seldom seen as assets - just replaceable cogs that shouldn’t cost much.


Mostly fantasy. Sure, it would be great to have a more respect, less yelling environment where you actually get to take breaks and a yoga class pass is part of your healthcare instead of free depressants (aka shift drinks). Or even just having healthcare. Restaurants already have a quiet place to scream or cry, it’s called the walk-in.

But I think so many stressors are just the nature of the business, so many moving parts one is always about to break. Most people want to eat dinner between 6-8 pm, it’s gonna be busy. Shit still happens that you can’t control - refrigerator/freezer failure, late or short deliveries, sick or no-show employees, customer special requests, having to re-make anything …

Plus, simple isn’t necessarily easier or less stress. Doesn’t simple have to be more perfect? Or do you make simple stuff, add cheese, bacon, and drinks and hope atmosphere and location are enough?