[Seahouses, Northumberland] Some OK places

A bit of a round-up

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The village has two Italian restaurants and it was something of a toss-up which one we decided to visit. There wasn’t a great deal to differentiate between them – pretty much the same range of pizzas, pastas and other Anglicised dishes that you’ll find in any neighbourhood Italian restaurant in the UK. With that in mind, we had no great expectations of the place and they were met. It’s a busy place but, as soon as you sit down, you know it’s well run. Things happen promptly, with a smile, and the kitchen can cook.

A tomato bruschetta for one of us – toast, cherry tomatoes, basil, balsamic dressing. Simples. And perfectly fine. The other starter was a single large beef and pork meatball. It sat in a little tomato sauce with mozzarella. Toast, on the side, provided a bit of crunch.

The tomato sauce or, at least, a version of it coated a calzone. There’s a filling of ham and mushroom with a salad garnish. It’s fine. Also OK was lasagne – a generous portion topped, a bit oddly in our experience, with mozzarella.

Only one of us wanted dessert (although they thoughtfully brought two spoons “just in case”) – a “coppa pistachio” – a tall glass filled with vanilla and pistachio ice creams, with a little chocolate ice cream rippled through. It’s topped with some fruit and crushed pistachios. Not a dessert to sing from the rooftops over but, like everything else we’d eaten it was OK.


Lewis’s Fish Restaurant

One of three chippies in the village. As with the others, it does takeaway and “eat in”. We ate in. The café part is, erm, rustic – tables knocked together with planks of rough wood. Food was OK. Good chips. Haddock a bit overcooked and yet failing to have a properly crispy batter. Mushy peas more puree than properly mushy. We look forward to fish and chips whenever we’re at the coast and the UK has some great chippies – unfortunately, this isn’t one of them.



Decent enough chippy, as far as we could tell. We just had a mid-afternoon snack, sharing a portion of chips after a boat trip to the Farnes. Good chips – properly fried with still a hint of floppiness about them.



Ice cream parlour and café near to the main car park in the village. We had a couple of cones of soft “Mr Whippy” type of vanilla. Sat outside and watched the world go by (fully prepared to ward off seagulls trying to blag the ice cream). Decent enough ice cream