Seafood Stew with Romesco Salsa

A few of the members, had requested (Catalan Recipes) a recipe or two …
ROMESCO signifies, a sauce for stews, and was first created in Tarragona, the autonomous region south of Barcelona. The main ingredient is pebrot de romesco, a red Capscium annun variety, which is exceptionally sweet and flavoursome.

Recipe …
200 ml. Evoo of choice
410 Grams of fresh crab or prawns
200 grams of red ripe tomatoes ( peeled and de-seeded is suggested )
155 grams of sweet onion or shallot and leek sliced finely or diced finely
garlic to taste
500 ml. wáter ( we use prawn or crab broth from home made stock )
15 grams of day old baguette or similar
2 air dried capsicum annun dried chili peppers ( that crumble and are shaped like a tiny horn)
16 almonds blanched ( peeled )
8 hazelnuts ( peeled )
4 small squid
4 small filets of fresh hake or fresh cod
8 large prawns or langoustines = Norway Bay Lobsters = Scampi
1 small lobster ( 500 grams )
salt and black peppercorns freshly ground

  1. Heat a little Evvo in a skillet and sauté the crabs. Remove and set aside.
  2. Sauté the tomatoes, onion and garlic to taste, in the same Evoo approx 8 to 10 minutes over low heat.
  3. Heat wáter in a large cassoulet or stock pot. Mash the crab meat in a small mortar with pestle and add to the pot, followed by the tomato mixture. Cover and low slow simmer for 18 - 20 minutes.
  4. Now, strain off the broth and set aside.
  5. Heat the rest of the Evoo in a skillet and saute the following ingredients: the bread cubes, the air dried chili peppers, almonds & the hazelnuts and a clove of garlic. Transfer each ingredient to a mortar as it is cooked and mash to form a “paste” like “pesto” or use a “stand up mixer” …
  6. Then, strain the Evoo into a large casserole and lightly sauté the squids, and add a little broth, and cook the squids approx 10 minutes or until tender ( these are baby squids and look like a cluster ).
  7. Add the rest of the finned fish and shellfish (last) and check seasoning. Pour in the crab broth and simmer another 12 - 15 minutes. Put the Shellfish in at the final termination of the cooking process so that they are not over done.
  8. Serve in earthenare with extra Romesco on the side and ali oli …

Wine Pairings: Sparkling Wines of choice, Barcelona Cava Sant Sadurní d´ Anoia, Prosecco, Galician Sparkling Wine etcetra.

Enjoy … This is an exceptional lunch or can be a “tapa” served with rustic bread of choice.


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I’m a lazy cook… I use ground almond in Catalan(-style) recipes. Always roasting it first.

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Lazy cook is the last descriptor I would use for you @Presunto!
You grind out astonishing looking meals day after day. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your meals at home or while traveling.


Thank you MUCH for this. it is one of my favorite taste memories.

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@paryzer, @pilgrim, @aussieshepsx2, @Lambchop & @Presunto

Thank you all and have a lovely weekend.

Photo 1: Restaurant El Poblet, Dénia, Alicante.

Photo 2 & 3: Home versions based on fresh catches …

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The home versions look even more spectacular that then restaurant picture!


Thanks, but you give me too much credit than I actually deserve. I take shortcuts more often than you think. :exploding_head::innocent: