Seafood in Katy suggestions

Brother and SIL in town staying in Katy and want something they can’t get in Kansas City, good seafood and Mexican food. They’ve both lived here and miss some of the good stuff we take for granted.

I’m looking at Orleans but am open to other places.

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We made a good selection going to Orleans in Katy everyone was happy with the plates in front of them. The out of town group ordered fried everything seafood. I had the Pecan Crusted Crab meat Trout that filled my plate that I could share with Jcostiones.


We went back to Orleans today for probably our last time. The good were raw oysters at 10.49 a dozen a dozen said to be from Louisiana. I don’t usually order them this time of year but they looked good last time I was here so I went in and they were good, nice and salty.

The Wifeacita’s rainbow trout which was so good last time was somewhat fishy and my blackened catfish was overly salty but lacking in flavor.

I met my brother and his family out here a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me why I haven’t been outside Beltway 8 only three times in the last 6 or 7 years, there was a wreck on the way out and in with everybody going 50 or 90 mph zipping in and out like a bad NASCAR race.

Sorry Jaymes, I don’t know how anybody lives out there. The only thing I-10 is good for is getting to Luling or San Antonio.

I went out to Katy yesterday and just kept muttering, “you must know you’re a jerk, right?” Makes me feel a little better. But if you think Katy Frwy is bad, try 45 to the Woodlands any time. It will break your spirit.

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