seafood/fish near Marlboro? [NJ]

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Have friends visiting from UK and family from Canada. Need to find a restaurant for dinner for Thursday night. Not to break the bank, but solid/good fish (and seafood, but primarily fish). Any recommendations? looking to drive around 30 minutes distance…


Fernandes 3 should be within 30 minutes, maybe less. They have lots of seafood/ fish specials. I’ve had some great stuffed lobsters and whole snappers at their Newark locations over the last 20 years or so. If you want a fairly impressive place that won’t break the bank, this is my call. I like costa Verde too.

Just out of curiousity, how many people total?

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Hi. We’re going to be 11 or 12.
anywhere else besides Portuguese suggestion?


I am a huge fan of Sichuan cottage but I am not sure if Chinese is in your wheelhouse.

Some members out closer to you might be able to make some better recommendations. @marlboroman @seal @eleeper @BossaNova @jsfein they are west of me and are all veteran HO members.

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I haven’t been, but I’ve heard good things about The Lobster House in Freehold.


You’re probably already familiar with Anemos in Manalapan … Greek with 5-6 seafood options and won’t break the bank.

Mr. Shrimp in Belmar is also a good option and just on the outside of your 30 minute distance.

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Do you like this place? I went once and was very underwhelmed by it.

Withing 30 miles drive I would recommend:

Bay Pointe Inn Highlands (might be on higher price point)
Fesca (East Brunswick)
Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge same owners as Fresca)
Pete’s Fishery (Matawan)
Keyport Fishery (Keyport casual)
Blue Water Seafood (East Brunswick, might be higher price point)
Chowda House (Red Bank)

That’s my long and short list. Good Luck!

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+1 on Chowda House

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IMO best bet for good but not break the bank seafood would be a place like West Lake. Other than that I end up going to Greek places for whole fish.

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Keyport Fishery may be good, but it’s not at all what the OP is asking for.


I was just typing that and you beat me to it

Cross Keyport off your list. It is takeout food so unless you want to have a picnic, don’t go there.

Do you have a price range per person and do you prefer byob or a liquor license? I have some other ideas based on that.

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I thought they had picnic style seating inside? Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong place, that’s why I listed it as “casual”.


No tables…unless they are new. I haven’t been in a while

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Hmmmmm my bad!


I could be wrong but it’s definitely not a place for a group of 12 lol.

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Thursday’s now gone, but here’s a round up of Eastern Monmouth & Ocean fishy places for you.

There plenty of places in Point Pleasant that sound like what you are looking for: Shrimp Box, Reds Lobster Pot, Spikes, Shore Fresh etc. Some are seasonal and BYOB, so you may want to call first. Not a lot to distinguish between them, all ok and ok for families too.

Still in PPB Jack Baker’s is swanky but expensive. A party of 12 could easily put up a $700-800 tab with tips and drinks.

In Belmar Klein’s has a view of the bridge and avergish food but would easily seat a party of 12 and has a bar. Mr Shrimp is smaller, has no bar and no view, but much better food. A dilemma, but given choice I would go Mr Shrimp 9 times out of 10.

In Asbury Park I like Bonney Read. It’s more of a bar with limited seafood entrees, but what they have is good, reasonably priced, and they also have a good raw bar.

Further north both Navesink Fishery and Barnacle Bills in Rumson are good, personally I like Barnacles a little better, but Navesink Fishery (BYOB) is quieter.

Highlands, don’t like Bahrs, expensive and mediocre food. Inlet Cafe is better, but still not great. Does have a view, however.

Keyport Fishery is takeout only.

Chowda House is small, and the view is the Red Bank train station. Im not a big fan, food has been overcooked and expensive in the past. Nothing worse than rubber shrimp and scallops that you paid too much for.

Catch 19, also in Red Bank, was good 3-4 owners ago, but has devolved since. Runs $35 an entree for BYOB, and now has more chops and steaks on the menu than seafood. They also have burnt, and I mean BURNED, scallops in the past. We got comped, but it still leaves a bad taste.

There are also a number of places that disappeared in Sandy, like Ye Olde Cottage Inn in Keyport, or the Clam Hut in AH, that had good food, and were family friendly/relatively reasonable.

Given a choice of all of these places I would probably pick Barnacle Bills. Good seafood prepared simply, lots of specials, not too expensive, has a bar, and ok for families.


So where did you end up going?

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sorry that I asked the original question, as when you’ve got 12 people and everyone wants to be in charge nobody ends up happy. Not only did we not end up going for fish/seafood, we didn’t even go far. for general mediocrity. Ended up in Freehold at Metropolitain Café. Overall was ok. I hate having to try to organize for a large family group. aargh.

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oh, but just to finish off, everyone actually was happy and content. (except for me, but who cares about me…)

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Haven’t been in Keyport Fishery since I was a teenager. Did they ever add tables so people could actually eat inside? I don’t remember there being any. Strictly takeout. I understand why, but I always felt they would have even more of a gold mine with an actual restaurant.