Seafarer, new in highlands nj

Well this place looks like it could be fun. It would be nice to have a decent burger, a cold beer, and some salt air. The fire pits are a neat idea. Google has a few pics. It looks “bar centric” but maybe they will have a few good dishes.

I will try to report back soon. I’m not on fb but maybe they have a few food pics. @Metsfan86 I think it is your turn to take one for the team buddy lol.

I really wanted to get to this place after it opened late last summer/early fall, but my availability and the weather never seemed to coincide. It’s owned by the couple that owns the two High Voltage cafes in Asbury Park (one on the boardwalk-near Stella Marina, the other on the corner of Springwood Ave and Main St in the building where Second Life Bikes is–right near the AP train station). Their food rep is VERY good–the wife is Polish and makes her own pierogi and some other treats that have always been sold out on the boards when I’ve been there. Basically I’m just telling that by rep alone, I’m psyched to try Seafarer. :slight_smile:

Here’s the one article I could find online about them:

It looks unique. Not many places around here have fire pits. In fact, I can’t think of any really (open flame and not gas or heat lamps)

I can’t wait until the yelp people review this place. It should be pretty hilarious.

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Is this where The Clam Hut used ro be?

Yes. I haven’t been either, but looks like a fun time. Like cj said, more of a bar than anything. But their website says food served Fri - Sun.

If Google maps is accurate it’s the second coming raised from the dead Clam Hut II.

Or maybe it’s the Polish Clam Hut. Clam pieroshkas anyone ???

Holy cow…this place is interesting. I just got back.

I don’t know where to start so some bullet points…

It is the old clam hut location and it is literally on the water. In fact, it is in a marina parking lot and there is even a pier to sit on.

They do not have a kitchen or indoor seating and it is a tiki bar (in my definition)

Food right now is only served from a truck and on weekends.

The vibe is super chill. I showed up in flip flops and walked around in the sand barefoot. I’m kind of a parrot head. If there are any key fans here, this place kind of had that feeling

It was dead…not many people. Weather was epic!

They have a CHARCOAL GRILL! I am pumped about that. If they can crank out some charcoal burgers that are decent I would be happy. The red snapper ceviche sounds interesting. That pic of the tables and tarp is the outdoor “kitchen”

Drinks are not cheap. I think my Margarita was 9 or ten bucks.

Overall, it felt good chilling on a couch with my toes in the sand, sipping a Margarita and overlooking the Manhattan sunset. This place has a lot of kinks to work out but I see potential. This isn’t a foodie destination. If you like booze, chilling by the water, and a beach type atmosphere then this place might be something to check out.

I have more to write but that is all for now.

So basically the Jake-a-Bob’s model? (Following their second destruction after Sandy).

I’d say jake-a-bobs on welfare. Lol.

However, something is making me really root for this place. It’s much more relaxed and I got an island feel from this place. Maybe I’m Jonesing to get back down to the caribbean, but this place does have potential. It honestly wouldn’t even take much to turn this into a contender in a few weeks and with little money.

A) there is no advertising and the website blows.
B) no food all week. yes I realize it is early in the year but come on. Get a second food truck. Have some local guy cook wings up all night and serve those at 25 cents a piece and make money back on booze)
C) no happy hour
D) put some smoke in the air. Grilled food over charcoal/wood goes a LONG way. Get the locals talking about your spot and food, even if it is only a dish or two.

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One thing they are doing right: when the next hurricane comes, they can just drive away. :grin:

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Are they open lunch time do you know?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t put this spot on your food blog radar lol. They have quite a few kinks to work out. If anything, grab a drink on a nice day before it is super hot. Maybe the food truck will cook up something on sat and Sunday.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Grab a drink or two and then head to dinner elsewhere.

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I’m pretty sure they don’t open much before 4… Not sure if that’s on their website!

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This just in. Posted 10 PM on Thursday.

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Searching for their lost shaker…


Thanks for that intel, Greg! I’m now following them on IG… :slight_smile:

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Nice. Now we are talking

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Hey CJ, just noticed you put me to the challenge here , a big late I see. Unfortunately for my HO rep, there’s a new jr Mets fan on my squad so we’re limited to take out or late night meals in the immediate peninsula area for a bit these days. I promise to take one for the team soon though and am def game to take on the highlands/ ah area or perhaps Bradley beach for a Vic’s run. Will have a house of Chong review soon as my interest was stoked on that post and def need an alternative to little schezhan for sure.
As to my take out experiences, I will say woodys tf and Patrizias are the go to spots these days. And we did our inaugural keyport fishery run for the summer season last weekend. Literally nobody in line on sun when we we got there late but food good as ever and still an outstanding value. Missing pizza from Pete and eldas or deninos Brock at the moment bitnhave decided mangia in Shrewsbury is best of the take out joints around here.

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