SEA: Pecos BBQ

So, people’s observation that the PNW board gets little action is true, and I’m trying to remedy that a little. I hope my little review is news to at least someone, because Pecos has been around a long time.

I had an errand to run in SoDo today, and decided to stop here to grab a brisket sandwich to take back to the office. Most everything yelp detractors had to say was wrong. I found the parking to be pretty easy, although on a nicer day not in winter, perhaps it is indeed hard. Today when I was there, there were 4 spots open of about 10. The woman who took my order wasn’t surly. In fact, she couldn’t have been nicer. I specifically asked for whether the sliced or shredded would be leaner. Not only did she advise me to get sliced, but she was spot on as there were not hardly any big obnoxious chunks of fat I had to remove. She also helped me when I was looking around for exact change and didn’t have it and was super patient. The sandwich with tax was just over $10, and must have had 10 or more oz of brisket on it. Really nice smoke flavor, lean like I like it, “mild” bbq sauce which still had some zing, on a large and soft kaiser roll. Besides it being a fork and knife sandwich which I didn’t expect since I didn’t order it “messy” i.e. extra sauce, I was very pleased. I’ll go back and try the smoked chicken, pulled pork, and smoked turkey (Fri only).