Scuba and the Beast, Highlands [NJ]

(Junior) #41

The only thing I will forewarn is they do broil the crap out of the scallops so they are regularly “well done”, which I have actually come to like. If you are particular about the scallops you might want to ask them to take it easy on them, but overall as I said it doesn’t bother me. It also comes with a “crab meat” stuffed clam, while it’s your normal fake crab meat stuffing, it’s very passable for a diner. Only other pet peeve if you order it to go you must specify you want drawn butter, they don’t include it without asking.

Portion - Cost - Quality - is well worth the $ 26. (includes a soup AND salad I think? and two sides)


Just saw this on Instagram… Half-price wings!


Thanks for the tip. I have only had the wings once and they were good. I would definitely enjoy some half price ones.

My tuna from last night…not the best, or best looking, but only 11 bucks. The copper canyon plate destroys this

(Greg Caggiano) #44

Another gem from this place–by looks, at least-- and it looks like someone tried to prepare a fancy dinner for their cat.


Yeah I’m trying to like this place but so far I’m striking out. I will say the bartender last night was a super cool guy and made it a decent night. I think some half price wings sound good though.

My first drink choice was a “no go.” They were out of Kane head high yesterday :confused:


That “tuna” makes me really uncomfortable.


After being there 2 times, I will say that food presentation definitely isn’t their strong point!

I debating on if I want to go chow on some half price wings. Decisions decisions


Wings don’t require fancy presentation. I say go for it!


It seems presentation issues aren’t restricted to the kitchen:

I don’t like bloody Mary’s, but that is SO visually unappealing to me… am I missing something?

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The “excess accompaniments” in Bloody Mary’s has been a thing for awhile now. Bacon, shrimp and pickles are commonly used, this just seems to be a “bucket” of olives, not even nice big ones, and a pretty bad take on the trend. Honestly not putting it in a glass does it a disservice in that you can’t see the rich color and spices that are the hallmark of a great Bloody Mary.

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Agree with this take & also- it’s a terrible photo. Maybe get the laminated menu on the side and either the receipt or piece of mail in back out of the way to focus on your product- no matter how slapped together it is. Perhaps back up a cpl feet to actually get perspective or grab someone with an iPhone 7plus to get the portrait effect?? Never ceases to amaze me how places mismanage or straight up botch social media. If this is the best you can do putting for the whole interweb to see lord knows what it actually looks like when it’s in person.

(Greg Caggiano) #52

This is a simple case of people not knowing what they are doing. We are living vicariously with this place through posters which have dared to enter there, but it seems they cannot manage to get anything 100% correct. Even when someone enjoys something, there is always a “but…”. Running a food truck ain’t like running a restaurant. They are learning that now. If they weren’t in Highlands, where the supply of tourists and big-spenders from out of town are endless, they would be screwed and probably wouldn’t last past this year.


What is actually sticking out of that drink? Serious question. It looks like bacon and I’m not sure about the other one

(Jeff) #54

The use in that post of the hashtag #bloodybucket is not very appealing and brings to mind some very unappetizing images.


I think from L-R we have 2 black straws, a piece of celery, and a piece of bacon. What’s throwing things off is the black handle to the bucket. Because it’s a BUCKET.

ETA: I love you HOs. I really do. :kissing_heart:

(Mr met) #56

Yup took about 5 min to realize that was the handle. Double straw in foreground messes up the view so it looked like some kind of pronged fork initially. Total lack of perspective. They should have something in shot to help you gauge size as well.
Seems they are doing the classic take of throw a bunch of shit together and hope something pops. Always a warning sign when something had a million ingredients.


This drink also makes me quite uncomfortable. I am in no hurry to get to this place.