Scuba and the Beast, Highlands [NJ]

Just read about this brand new spot…anyone been? It looks like they had a food truck first.

That’s the old havana spot. I will check it out asap and report back. Havana could never get it right…cool owner and venue but they couldn’t get things to connect there. I had some good night’s there drinking mojitos and playing dominos.

I’ve just started following them on IG and yesterday they posted a picture of a lovely patio space…

I don’t know the Highlands at all, but it’s obvious that I need to take a ride.

The place was really cool imo. They just never got everything to mesh over a decade.

I’m sure they did a nice job renovating this new joint though. Hopefully this food is decent.

90 for a tomahawk with no sides is freaking steep around here.

My pet peeve is when places do not say ANYTHING about their premier dish. No size listed, no grade, aging, ranch/country of origin, feed, etc. If I’m dropping over a bill on a steak I need some some info lol

Then a tuna dish is 17 and short ribs are 19. That is generally cheaper than most places around here. This menu seems all over the place.

I’ll let Jr go try the tomahawk first :smile:

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Yes please. Before they start to slide downhill.

We note they opened just in time for the annual fleecing of the Benny’s.

As they have a liquor license I’m sure they will be “successful”.

Yes but at least not Mexican and Sushi on the same menu.

I think a lot of these menus are designed with drinking on the mind.

I meant in terms of pricing. It seems to vary.

For a $17 entree with decent tuna, that is a great deal. Apps usually cost that much. That is probably the first thing I will try, or the lobster roll…or both if I’m hungry :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw the tuna. But I would probably order with no salsa. When I grill tuna at home it’s EVO or herb butter on top.

$ 19 is reasonable for a lobster roll, if it has enough lobster. Looking forward to your report.

$ 16 for fish & chips isn’t outrageous either, especially if they have a view.

Surprisingly, it’s hard to find decent fish & chips around here.

No view but a cool patio/outdoor space.

Good fish and chips are at gaslight…real Atlantic cod.

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My son has been bouncing between there and CC, waiting tables. Give me a heads up and we can go make his life miserable.

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Sounds like a plan. I assume you have been to both?

Passed by here on the way back from Sandy Hook. Just wanted to take a look. Parking lot was packed at 5 PM.

Good to hear. A lobster roll may be on the menu tomorrow

Actually have not been to Gaslight yet.

They have some good stuff but it is pricey when you have a few beers thrown into the mix. A few of my dishes there…

Bourbon wings
Garlic shrimp
Hangar steak
This hummus plate (and I’m not even a big hummus guy)
Chicken and waffles
Pork shank
And if you’re feeling rich, the 16 dollar
Cheese steak lol

On the Highlands topic, does anyone remember twin lights tap house? I miss that joint

I just created a Gaslight thread, actually. :smiley:



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Well I’m too tired to write anything long but I will say all of the food on my check was comped by the manager. I didn’t ask for anything, nor did I send anything back. The waitress and manager came through after I kindly made some constructive criticism to our server.

On a good note, the tiki punch was a great drink! I had two. This place needs some kinks worked out. Cool vibe


Wow…2 for the team on the same day?!?

Why was your food comped?