Scotland (Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Oban etc)

Long time since I posted but we are heading for Scotland and need advice.

We are starting in Loch Lomond, heading up via Oban, Aviemore and then back to Glasgow. Research throws up expensive country house hotels who “encourage guests to meet in the bar for drinks at 7:30 before being seated at 8:00” - not really us. To traditional pubs with locally sourced food which seems to be heavy on burgers and pizza (maybe an accurate reflection of what locally sourced is).

Anyone have any ideas or positive experiences…?

Welcome back, mate.

Unfortunately, I am no real help as it was back in 2011 when we were up there. The two fairly decent places at Loch Lomond, have both closed. From there we stopped overnight at Fort William and had dinner at Crannog - an OK seafood place (ticking you “local” box). Also around there, we stopped for lunch at the Bridge of Orchy Inn. Nothing remotely gastro about it - but very decent local venison sausages, mash, onion gravy.

Thanks - as I suspected not a lot around. I can’t even console myself with Whisky as I don’t really like it… !

Hope you have less rain and fewer midges than we did.

Over 10 years since I was last up that way. A certain Mr H was giving me helpful hints …though on CH back then.
We quite enjoyed Coast run by a couple originally from St Helens of all places.
Looks like it still gets a decent write up

There was another place which I visited on another occasion, about 5 mins out of town on the second harbour. Amazing seafood but run by quite a character. I remember going and them asking how my meal was and I commented, as you do, that I was disappointed as my portion of main course seemed a little small compared to that which my other half had been served, of the same fish. Cue a visit from the man himself, a long chat and him essentially cooking me another main course portion of another fish from scratch while I finished the first. Bizarre, slightly intimidating but memorable. Have searched on TA and can find no mention of it, sadly.
It was a classic kind of CH place. Great food, slightly weird, and all the better for it :slight_smile:

In Glasgow Crabshakk is okay

Not fancy, but worth a visit if down that end of town. Noisy/always busy though.

Not been myself but I remember Jay Rayner waxing lyrical about the no frills seafood shack in Oban and made a mental note. My parents enjoyed some crab sandwiches off the back of that a couple of years back.

Is this it? Sounds wonderful!

Seafood Shack was good ten years ago, and looks like JR enjoyed it too. Ee Usk I can take or leave. Recall from my old CH post feeling somewhat ‘processed’ - in and out in an hour kind of place. Not an indignity Mr Rayner would suffer, of course.

We went to eeusk last year and felt the same - like we were a cog in a tourist-processing machine.

My wife actually commented that the food was fine but with the atmosphere she much enjoyed the seafood hut the day before!

The seafood hut was quite fun. Just be aware it’s not restaurant standard - mussels won’t be bearded etc.

Thanks for all the info from everyone. I am keen to try the Seafood Hut but as it’s October my co-conspirators feel we may need warmth so we may head to Eeusk or maybe Coast which looks decent.

Is Oban likely to be busy on a Wednesday in October and should we book…?

In scotland I had a awesome food and went to few restaurants
like Pizza Di Rocco East Kilbride

checkout when you are going to scotland

Welcome to the forum. So, which were the other places you went to and had the awesome food?

Or, perhaps, you’re only “digitally marketing” the pizza gaff. Which may prove to be tricky - I just tried to look at its website and I got an error message "SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE. But, from what I can deduce from Google is that it’s a takeaway/delivery place not a restaurant you claim to have visited. And, maybe it’s not even that. Google gives its address as 148 Main Street - but Streetview clearly shows 148 to be a residential property.

I smell porkie pies, not pizza


:rofl: nice one, John