One of the few references I’ve seen over the years concerning Famous Grouse is that it was Princess Margaret’s drink of choice. And if you can believe Pat Booth’s novel Palm Beach. And I do. She was quite a character down there in her house in Mustique. But she didn’t exactly sound like my cup of tea.

I cut my teeth on Glenmorangie so when it comes to Scotch it’s what I typically drink. I also have a Macallan 12 which is nice.

Yeah, I can’t imagine anyone getting Famous Grouse for sipping pleasure. It’s for mixing or to get bladdered. I mean, I guess as far as a supermarket blended goes, sure, but there’s so much that’s better.

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I completely agree. I normally drink Lagavulin. At the time I couldn’t afford £50 a bottle. I certainly wasn’t going to buy Teachers or Bells. I suppose the real issue is, is bad whisky better than no whisky?

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A question for the ages or sages.

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First whisky is not strictly Scotch as it’s from Wales Very nice though, Madeira cask and you can certainly smell the Christmas cake aromas.

Second one tonight is something of a mystery Islay Malt. I’m not sure what distilleries they source their whisky(s) from but it reminds me very much of Caol Ila.

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I’ve been enjoying the Robert Burns single malt.

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I was looking for this topic under “whisky”/“whiskies”. Turned out it’s “scotch”.

Not a regular whisky drinker but when I do it’s Aberlour. I like the taste profile of Aberlour and have to do research before buying to avoid peated whiskies. Seems a lot of people like peated stuff.

Very nice. Smells of apricots and you get a hit of the alcohol.

If I had to pick between the 2 it’d be this. It’s mellow/soft and smells of pineapple.

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I’ve got Aberfeldy in the house right now! I like it a lot (although I usually prefer Islay). It has a pleasant caramel-y taste and is very smooth.

Between the two of us, every bottle will be emptied eventually. :slight_smile:
(I can’t say I dislike Aberlour, but I’m certainly willing to trade it for something you’re less interested in.)

I bought a half dozen bottles of Aberlour A’Bunadh awhile back. Like the sherry finish. It’s delicious

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For an inexpensive blend, Teacher’s tastes pretty good. Much better than some more famous ones IMO.