Sclafani canned tomatoes in Houston?

A few years ago I looked everywhere I could think of for these tomatoes (including Nundini and Phoenicia) and never found them. Anyone know where they may be available in H-town?

I guess I’ll have to mail order them, Amazon has them. by the case.

Sclafani Tomatoes

Did you ever find these? I could swear I’ve seen those cans before.

Maybe Central Market?

I’ll check out Central Market. Shipping on the Amazon case was twice the price of the tomatoes. I haven’t yet invested in Amazon Prime for free shipping because I just don’t use it that much.

D’Amico’s in the Village includes an Italian deli and imported food market per their website. I went in once looking for something (didn’t find it) - it’s a very small area in the restaurant.

There are some pictures of the racks on YELP. I didn’t spot Sclafani in any of them but might be worth a call or a visit if it’s not too far out of the way.

Have you looked in the international aisles of a big Fiesta? Not the regular aisles where the Hunt’s, Del Monte, etc. is going to be. And Fiesta stores vary by neighborhood what they carry. Off hand I don’t know of one that emphasizes European foods, though.

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