Schweid & Sons burger patties

I had the Butcher’s Blend today. I thought the flavor was very good. That one is 80/20, but it seemed more lean than that to me.

The Schweid website says it’s 75/25, but the package I bought says 80/20.

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Thanks for picking up a package of The Butcher’s Blend. We have two versions and the Certified Angus Beef brand version is a 75/25 blend while The Butcher’s Blend without the certification is an 80/20 blend. Hope that helps clear up any confusion.


That’s awesome to hear!


Hah! Love it!. Served in a pita, too. One of the best burgers I ever had was in Navajo fry bread. People tell me lamb is gamey to them. To me, it’s like the deepest, darkest beef, almost bisoney.

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Me neither. The idea of a recipe for a burger seems a little foreign for me. I’ve emulated some techniques I’ve seen or heard of, but never a burger recipe. Just want the meat to shine, as well as the bread it’s swerved in. God, I hate those crappy soft burger buns.

So I could swear I had never seen Schweid and Sons burgers in any of my local stores, but tonight I was shopping at my local Foodtown and lo and behold - they had the entire product line in the meat case. Maybe the store stocked extra burgers for the 4th of July? Or is Zuckerberg listening to HO chatter now too? :rofl::upside_down_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s exactly how I read it. “Your burgers are garbage…bow to the master” then goes on to name all the crap everyone does to make a good burger, as his own burger variety, then throws in all that other bullshit to make himself appear grandmaster of the burger. Like I said, dude gets home and eats a bologna samich over the sink, as he reads the fawning responses from his minions. Could have summed up the entire crap in a single paragraph. But, he has to justify his living somehow. Love to read his grilled cheese treatise. NOT!!! Well, maybe for a hard chuckle ‘bout his self-important pompous ass. Now I want to search if he has one on: cereal, hot dogs, menudo (oh please, God, let there be Eaglespoon menudo), chicken salad, cheese and crackers ( I know I’m messin’ that up, somehow), sardines, etc.

It’s obvious somehow his ego has been way overmassaged. He seems to know dough and baking it. Must have just run out of material. The hoagie one is funny, too. YOUR hoagie bread is garbage. Mine is sublime. Dude ain’t no Bradley Nowell, that’s for sure.

Obviously one can make great dishes without recipes but at the same time recipes can help to cook “outside of the comfort zone”, otherwise without new inspiration one tends to cook close to what they always cook. I think recipes help to explore cuisines from new countries or very regional dishes (especially those which are much less common but often have unique flavors) and test out new techniques or flavor combinations.

I read it all. I feel her criticisms are on the nuts. I got the “drivel” red flag after he called his burger , oops, sorry, His burger the same burger I’ve been making (with fresh beef) forever. Then, when he got to his actual own recs, it got stupid, quick. That’s when I engage my love of humor and humored him by reading the foolishness that I was reading. It’s just funny to read someone so arrogant, then giving tips that are silly.

The beef I get from farmers is garbage, I got drive to NYC to get beef from now on. The source of the meat is most important to me. I’ll just keep getting mine from farmer Dan. I’ll even handle it with my own , un-nitrile-gloved hands.

Now, I’m a big eaglespoon fan. Love this article about steak prep.

Can’t believe he’d handled it with his bare hands. Livin’ dangerously.

I read his pizza article. He goes deep. His written voice is that of a condescending primadonna. At least to several of us. I liked his hoagie bun recipe. Could have knocked that out in a single paragraph, too.

If you like his stuff, that’s great. Realize, though, that some of us read him as uber arrogant. He knows NY pizza. Good stuff! Just regurgitated what most of us know as his own in the burger article. Love his “How to Carrot.” LMAO

Yeah, I gotta get me a scale and molds. To me, a 4 inch 73/25 patty would make it closer to a slider after cooking; but, hey, he’s dah man.

Yeah, I should all my beef flown in from wherever in the hell. Beats the hell of the fresh stuff I get, for sure. Jeezus.

Ahem! That’s not a molded patty. They should have smashed in the mold, and with nitrile gloves on. Looks beyond four inches, to boot. That couldn’t have been very good…I mean, not Eaglespoon good.

I gotta say, karaage chicken doesn’t look gangbusters, but the flavor might be my fave fried chicken.

I know, in my case, I’ll read recipes for ideas. Like when I started cooking with coconut milk. I wanted to get a feel how others, more adept than I, used it, so I had idea fuel to to launch my first dishes with it. Not saying recipes are useless by any stretch. But to preach a superior technique by doing what most of us do, was the funny, then to weigh each, mold each, with gloves on, came in as ludicrous.

I don’t want “not bad” burgers. I want great burgers. Was hoping Espoon’s article could give a solid pointer, or two. Something new, maybe. Instead I got a mother dollop of self-grandiosity…the key ingredient. I just have to feel superior to y’all, and my burgers will go from good to grrrrrrrreat! (-TtT)

But that’s just one guy who seems to be a little bit self important but sometimes in this discussion it seems that people think that any recipes for a burger is useless since they know already anything about it. At least for us, making always the same burger (same meat, same toppings, same technique etc) would be quite boring. New burger recipes give you ideas about new meat combinations, unusual toppings, sauces etc.

I’m with you. I use very different toppings depending on my mood, and , more importantly, my wife’s mood. I also love using lamb, different cuts in the ground beef. generally, I only grill or CI them.

One thing I feel is overrated is adding to the beef. Egg is for meatloaf, IMHO, NOT burgers. I bought ground tenderloin onse, and the butcher had poppy seeds mixed in there. Kinda pissed me off, as they turned out more dry than I would have liked. Mind you, I love poppy seeds on bread/rolls/bagels. That just didn’t cut it.

I was hoping to get great tips from the start of Espoon’s article. Had an open mind. Then I started reading. LOL!! At least I got some laughs. I guess Natascha doesn’t appreciate the humor of stupidity as I do. Must be from working with kids and inmates for 30 years.

Growing up in a city, even my folks figured out they can get the best meats from farmers. I’ll put the stuff made 200 yards from my home over anything I’ve tried from a store or butcher. If I help him butcher and grind, I get some free. I also pay $3 a lb for any/every cut. One thing I’ve learned is that black angus, limousin, whatever breed might have characteristics that make them preferable (huge loins on limousin). But, it’s really the feed that gives the beef it’s flavor. Also help that the beefers roam around and forage, too. I’m eating beef from a young bull that ran my neighbor over and the whole herd was pissed at this bull. So, he popped the sucker, we butchered it, and damn good beef (young bull, not balled out, they were gonna nut him the next week). Never seen a farmer so mad at a bull. The thing ran through his barn fan. Doesn’t taste crazy, though. But, I bet my neighbor grins a little every time he takes a bite.

Are the animals at your neighbor grass-fed or grain-fed (or finished) ? I agree that feed is the critical part of the beef taste - why I like fully grass-fed more as it has a more “natural/classic” beef flavor whereas grain-fed is too “buttery”

Pastured and fed grass then finished with corn. I don’t care for fully grass fed, which is why I like to buy from my neighbor. That, and he’s a great neighbor. He used to be organic dairy, but switched to beef as his retirement gift. I try to like full grass; but corn fed means good fat, and good fat translates into good flavor, IMHO.

Our local IGA has pretty good meat for a store. But, nothing they have really comes close to the farm. But, if I wish to make the best possible burger, I should order some frozen stuff from God-knows-where. I like knowing where my meat comes from. My lamb is produced by a very athletic 8th grade girl. Those lambs come with a side of love. She takes great care of those bah-bahs.

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Certified or not, I liked what I had enough that I’ll give some of the other blends a try sometime.

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Thank you!

They were certainly great burgers when I was getting them from Hard Times Sundaes. I miss those.

We do too! Those were some great Burgers!!

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