Schneider's in Avon

Caught fire this morning, place looks pretty bad.

Just an FYI

I just saw that it was destroyed.

Anybody know if they are going to rebuild?

No clue. Was that the last German option left in monmouth county?

Doubtful as absolutely nothing has been done to date. I drive by it daily

I never considered Schneiders a German restaurant. I would call it American influenced German. At this time the most authentic German food you can get in Monmouth County is the Bier Halle in Asbury Park. Even there to me it is a mixture of German/Hungarian.

Announced In this week’s Coaster that they will not rebuild. Property is for sale.

Ja. Das is it.

I read the mom was 94 and the son was in his 70’s and they were still running the place, so the decision to take the insurance and run is not too surprising.

Very sad. Schneider’s was not the greatest German food on the planet, but it was reliable.

Hofbrau, Little Kraut, Schneider’s, now all gone.

As my own genetic makeup is so scattered it renders me a human mutt, I don’t know how much of me matches my German last name, but I do make very good German food at home. If I need provisions to do so I always end up at European Homemade Provisions in East Brunswick. I’ve also had take out from them that is almost as good as my own food.

If I want to go out for German food I am usually with my friends who love German beer so we go to their favorite spot in Philadelphia, Brauhaus Schmitz. Their food is excellent and, although I have never had more than a taste since I am not a drinker, I am told their beer selection has no equal. The few times I’ve gone to the biergarten in AP have left me disappointed with the food.

I can’t comment on the food at Schneider’s as I’m sorry to say I never ate there.

@seal There’s a couple places in NYC that are pretty good.

Cafe Katja is a favorite (schnitzel):

Cafe Katja
79 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 219-9545

As is the Hofbrau (schweinshaxe):

Hofbräu Bierhaus NYC
712 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017
(212) 867-2337

I am less crazy about zum Schneider (fuzzy hipsters drinking beer) and Hallo Berlin (curry wurst).

For old school German I am also a huge fan of the Bohemian in Astoria, but it is a schlepp to get there:

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden
2919 24th Ave, Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 274-4925

NJ sadly has almost no German places left, they keep closing with nothing to replace them.

I’ve also heard that Killmeyers on Staten Island is good:

Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn
4254 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island, NY 10309
(718) 984-1202

They are just over the Outerbridge (so basically in East Perth Amboy).

Has anybody a report here?

Killmeyers is pretty good. Not earth shattering but solid. The owner Ken is a good dude too. Full disclosure haven’t been there is 5 years or so. The drive is a big t rough as the roads are in terrible shape there

Killmeyers is good but NĂĽrnberger Bierhaus also in Staten Island but further from the Outerbridge is better in my opinion. NĂĽrnberger Bierhaus also has NĂĽrnberger Bierhalle next door with a more limited menu but a rowdier and more beer fueled crowd.

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Interesting article about the demise of German restaurants in general:

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Cool article. I really love German food but it is sad that it is disappearing here…at least in nj.

Here is a random question…

Thai food has been kind of trendy over the last few years. I see groups of teenage girls all ordering pad Thai with chicken and throwing up photos online as they laugh.

At Chinese places like Sichuan cottage they seem to get less per dish than Thai places and the Thai joints usually have smaller portions from my experience. Is Thai food more expensive or can they just charge more? Yes in realize the are a lot of variables but in general, it seems like Thai places can charge more to me

How about lemongrass schnitzel ? Could be a way forward for German places…

So I hit up the Hofbrauhaus MĂĽnchen outlet on 3rd Avenue in NYC tonight with a friend.

Hofbräu Bierhaus NYC

712 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017
(212) 867-2337

We got a Wurstplatte and a Schweinshaxe for two, and it was a mountain of Pork, Weinkraut and Potatoes for $ 58. Almost too much to eat, but my friend had medical tests today and was literally starving. He gnawed the bone like a meatsicle.

A schnitzel is only like $19 and is a steal at that price.

Highly recommended, but go early to avoid the band.

Heading home now on Seastreak, this is the Brooklyn Bridge and Freedom Tower.


Nice! Have a "boat soda"on me. Decent night for a boat ride between this rain.

No Anthony wiener schnitzel pics?

It is a beautiful night for the ride. I’m sitting on the upper deck now, the sea smells so good. The boat is running a little slow due to fog banks.

Unfortunately we tucked into the bad boys as soon as they came out, so no pics. Like I said, my friend had tests today and was starving.

I would say the Schweinshaxe for two at $32 is like the porky equivalent of the tomahawk. Just a mountain of piggy goodness with crispy brown skin.