Scarlett Pie

Apparently there’s a Scarlett O’Hara pie which features raspberries. But when I was placing an online Whole Foods order, their bakery had a Scarlett Pie, which I splurchased. It’s a one-crust pie with a walnut streusel topping. The filling is apples, pears, figs, cranberries, and orange. It’s excellent. Crisp crust, crunchy nuts. Highly recommended! Apparently it was originally a limited run during the winter holiday season. I don’t know why it was available this week but hey, after all, today IS December 47th, 2020! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That sounds delicious! I love the “splurchased!”…I’ve been doing that myself with ingredients from Amazon but no pies, sadly…

Sounds fab. I looked for info on Scarlett Pie out of curiosity, and if the Reddit thread about it is accurate, the pie is a seasonal item invented and named by Whole Foods.


One of our local markets calls that type of pie Fruits of the Forest. It has been sold with a nut crust or a dbl pie crust at different times. It’s usually the answer to too much ripe fruit on hand and its delicious.

I think the walnut chunks, which have a lot of flavor, make a lot of difference. I’m not certain if they are only in the streusel or mixed with the fruit as well. I have a hunch they were toasted first.

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This sounds fantastic and I may need to order one. After I get done with the king cake I will be picking up on Wednesday (I live in New Orleans, and this is my second king cake of the season…so far!) It’s not good that I’m reading this thread while very hungry because I’m trying not to ruin tonight’s fancy dinner reservation…

Just out of curiosity, where do you get your king cakes? We mail-ordered one from Manny Randazzo’s and have been enjoying it–I was torn between theirs and Gambino’s cake.

Dong Phuong, for the last one. I believe they do ship, although they may be sold out for this year ( One of the best in town, from a Vietnamese bakery in New Orleans East. Pro tip: get the cream cheese!