Scallion pancake (breakfast) burrito?

There’s this place in NYC called Forsyth Fire Escape that sells breakfast burritos from (of all places) their apartment fire escape using Chinese scallion pancakes stuffed with slow roasted pork, guacamole and their housemade (or should it be “apartmentmade”) lemongrass chili oil.

Anyplace in LA that makes something similar? A breakfast burrito using scallion pancakes as the tortilla wrap?

If so, do tell.


I would like to hit the like button more than a few times for this, sounds delicious.
I miss the New Mexican breakfast burritos from Little Anita’s in Denver. So, so good. Other burritos were ubiquitous there with vendors selling them from coolers.
My favorite there was the Green Chile smothered gyro breakfast burrito at Pete’s Kitchen on Colfax. So good.


OH MY GOD I need to go there immediately.


If you’re in the SFBA, it sounds similar to (albeit more burrito-like) the Taiwan Taco at El Chino Grande.


Hi @hyperbowler ,

Nice! :slight_smile: Thanks for the rec. How was the Taiwan Taco?

I haven’t eaten there, but hope to soon—- their popups at Hunter’s Point Brewery would be convenient for my family to do a picnic at Heron’s Head park/Indian Basin.

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