Sayreville/Parlin (NJ) Updates (or lack thereof)

The old Haldi Chowk location at Route 9 and Ernston Road (near the older Patel’s Grocery) is going to be another branch of Bombay Talk, an “Indian fusion” restaurant, currently with two locations on Iselin. Given how long things
take, I wouldn’t hold off eating waiting for it to open. (It’s also difficult to see if it actually is open, given that all that faces the entrance road are blank walls.)

In other Indian food news, Bhavani Grocery (in the shopping center with Texas Roadhouse and Panera) is still not open yet.

And Pico Taco, located in a small building on the southbound side of Route 9 just south of McDonald’s, is the latest casualty in that spot. It was originally a
Checkers, then something else, then (I think) a noodle shop, and most recently
Pico Taco. It’s now for sale/lease again. It really is a bad location, not very visible from Route 9 until you’re already sailing past it (sort of like Old New York on Route 516 westbound, or Just Restaurant further south on Route 9). The non-excitement of the fast-food occupants, and being just south of McDonalds doesn’t help.

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I thought it was a BBQ restaurant for a short time?

I actually dined at Pico Taco once. The food wasn’t bad and I actually really liked a few items. Unfortunately, it had a confused menu, a bad luck location, wait staff that seemed like they were overworked and confused. Overall an identity crisis from the beginning.

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