Sawa Pier Village, Long Branch NJ.......Closing

Yep…just got word from a friend of mine the rumor that has been circulating is true, they are closing the end of the month. I’m surprised I know their bar business is strong, stronger than food I would guess but the rent must be astronomical there. We can only hope something with a true desire to serve good food will move into the location.

Interesting. It would be cool to get something unique but I’m guessing it will be another Japanese place or maybe italian…even with sirena across the street.

Sawa long, sawa !

(You know people on the grumpy grumpy NYC CH board have actually complained about my corny sense of humor. Imagine that :innocent:.

By the way the line works better if you say it in a fake Japanese accent …

Ah so deska, Anjin-san !)

Who wants to get a Korean bbq petition going so I don’t have to drive to south plainfield?

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Me too, will sign.

I usually go to Edison/Highland Park, btw.

Does that mean the place in East Brunswick sucks that bad that you have to drive to South Plainfield?

Or PHO!!!

Well from Eastern Monmouth it’s pretty much a straight shot up the GSP to routes 1 and 27 and all kinds of Asian temptations, whereas EB is a slightly more convoluted trip up 18.

Depending in the time of day Google maps may also actually route you GSP to 287 to 1 to get to East Brunswick.

So for us it’s not so much that EB sux, but rather that it is a little unfortunately located.

Any updates on this location?

It is now closed !

Fuck this place. It was a disgrace how mediocre and overpriced they were, even for oceanfront standards.

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exactly, I hope something cool goes in there but I doubt it.

At Pier Village as in rhymes with Pillage (of wallets) ?

Prolly gonna be CJ Maki Klunis Sushi Bar & Hibachi.


there is a good chance that will actually happen.

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