Saveur: Muslim Georgia: A Journey to the Hidden Kitchens of the Kists


wow. thanks for sharing. the photos are incredibly detail - like beyond 4k

I could see the fine grain and wrinkles of the hand in the photos

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A well written tale, excellent pictures, heart-warming, welcoming, mouth-watering. Thanks for posting.

Okay, so I originally thought I was going to be reading about a very little known immigrant community in the Southeastern US:grin:. (I’d read that article, too).


They have a pretty interesting sauce making technique - take the broth, mash into it a small piece of potato, add garlic and salt.

It looks like the potato is used like cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce. I wonder if that works?

The pasta seems to be old school British dumplings where its dough boiled in water. I wonder if it tastes good? Seems like to could be bland and not pleasant to eat?

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Thanks for posting. Wonderful read and photos.