Saveur, Food and Wine or Food Network Magazine?

I want to subscribe to one of these (I have a coupon for a free subscription) Which one would you recommend?


It’s been years since I had a subscription to either Saveur or Food and Wine. It’s a hard choice for me. I liked Saveur for the photography which is (or at least used to be) more documentary style vs. the slick studio advertisement style you see with so many food photos. I also appreciated the articles. I don’t think I’ve ever been unhappy with any of the recipes.

Food and Wine was more just a recipe source for me and I’ve tried many great recipes because of them but I don’t remember being that excited about the articles.

I guess if I had to pick, I’d go with Saveur. I have never seen the Food Network Magazine.

Of those three, the one I’d choose is Saveur, especially since it’s free. For paid subscriptions I’ve given up all except for Fine Cooking.

i think the demographic for saveur is that of a slightly more accomplished cook than the other 2 mags so i’d choose that.

honestly though,? if it were me, i’d donate the subscription to a school, senior center or girl’s club.

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None of them, but especially not Saveur. I’ve never ever even once cooked anything from them that didn’t require MAJOR corrections to the recipe. They are particularly bad at baking and any kind of spicy food. They did a series on cakes a few years back and every single one of their recipes was badly out of balance. Each and every picture of the finished product showed severe tunneling. Awful, awful recipes.