Savenor's beef stock (Cambridge MA)

I stopped by Savenor’s on Kirkland St. to pick up some ground beef for dinner, and noticed that they had their house-made stock in the refrigerator case to the right of the register. The beef stock was nice and gelatinous so I picked up a couple of quarts to stick in the freezer for French onion soup and a pan sauce or two. It is pricey at $10/qt., but much more concentrated than the other store-made stocks I’ve purchased.

I was disappointed in the very thin beef stock from Formaggio and wouldn’t bother to get that again. It was almost as pricey as the Sav’s stock. When you take into consideration the cost of beef bones, veggies and aromatics, the energy used to brown them, and general prep and cleanup time, it’s really not a bad deal for quality stock in a hurry.

I didn’t think to check out the chicken or other stocks but will do so next time I’m in the area.

Just thought I’d give them a shoutout since from time to time on CH the question of where to get quality premade stock would come up.

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Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr