"Sauvignon Blanc needs oak to go to the next level"

From the drinks business: More winemakers should use oak to ferment and age their Sauvignon Blanc if the grape is to reach its full potential, Richard Bampfield MW has said.

My immediate reaction is to say “no”! OTOH, I have had a number of oaked SB’s that were wonderful . . . and a number that have been overoaked, so . . . .

Ugh - why do we like to oak everything so much. Typically not a fan of oak on whites -

Edit- my initial expectation was that this must be California, since they love to oak everything (and I don’t like their SB style -more a NZ fan) but this recommendation was for French SB producers … hmmmm seems sketchy to me. Is this guy from CA?

Interesting POV. CA Sauv Blancs usually have a much less citrusy profile (for me) than Aussie & Kiwi, whether they’re finished in oak or not, but they don’t usually taste very oaky when they are.

Completely agree that NZ is more citrus (or what ever adjective you want to use), it is why I like it.

Since I don’t like CA Sav Blanc I guess it’s hard for me to decide if oak will help it (especially since I don’t like oaked whites).

But since I do feel that CA likes to oak everything in general, I am curious if this guy suggesting France oak their whites is a CA guy. Might have to google when I get time.

oaked SBs can be wonderful – they can also be akin to gnawing on a mouthful of woodchips.

But please, oh please, give me all the unoaked SBs that nobody else wants – they’re my favorites.

Richard Bampfield is a Brit, based in the UK.

The article focuses more on French Sauvignon Blancs (both Loire and Bordeaux) than New World ones.

But that’s true of almost any wine – white or red . . .