Sausage Fest 3 ... Beacon's Barb's Butchery, NY 2/26

Something to do on a Sunday
Has anyone heard of or been to this shop / event

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Sounds tempting, for sure…it might make a nice day trip from southern Westchester if the weather holds.

I looked over the list of sausage offerings … nothing too exciting
some kind of gross IMO
Beacon is fun so you are right regarding a day trip if it’s a nice day …

Is it a list of sausage offerings at the event or at Barb’s shop? Gotta admit I’m hesitant to Google “sausage fest.”

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ha ha … It’s safe to click the link it has a link
to her shop and a list of what is available there

Great info, thanks. They have the festival menu on their Facebook page.

Thanks and Duh … how did I miss that

Thank you HST

No worries. Like you, I want to hear from someone who has already tried them before making the schlep…I mean trek. Fingers crossed.

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One of my sisters who is into the culinary arts was thinking about moving to and working in Beacon. She said Beacon is becoming somewhat of a foodie destination, it might be worth a road trip regardless.
I just found this

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Yes, and artists love Beacon as well. Lots of galleries. I’m told. Nice day trip. Nice link! Thanks.

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Sounds like great fun! I’m an amateur sausage maker myself and I’ve often thought of doing just what Barb did - jumping ship on the current career and trying to make sausage for a living! We’ll have to try to get up there.

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