Saucisson (sausage) de Lyon in SF/ Marin?

First, Thanks for this new site. Second, where can we purchase (for home preparation, not restaurant dining) Saucisson (sausage) de Lyon?

(Aside: We’d also like to find coteghino – we know we can get the Molinari at their store in SF, but are there other recommended producers?)

Thanks —Jake

Clarification (after calling several store and delis and getting a few "huh?"s: This is a fresh sausage, served cooked/ poached, and usually warm. It often contains pistachios.

Not positive, but you can try Gourmet Corner in San Mateo:

859 N San Mateo Dr, San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 340-6370

Hi kungful, Thanks, and a good idea – but that is one of many promising sources that we have previously tried. And yet we are still hoping it must be available somewhere in this vast area.

Bon marche (sf) serves it, they might be able to tell you where to buy it (or sell you some, uncooked)

Hi Barleywino, This is a good idea. Indeed, I had it there just last week, on the lunch “farmer’s menu,” I think it was called. (The place is expensive, but good.) I had not thought to ask them, but now I will. – Jake

Fabrique Delices, has this:

They don’t sell direct to the public anymore, one has to go through others:

They make good stuff…

Hi Reicruo, thanks, we used to buy their products here and there, including at the Marin farmers market. But as you suggest we have not seen them lately at retail. The first two on this listing look close, but not quite. – Jake

Have you tried Polarica Meats? They carry a wide variety of sausages…

Late to this but I’ve been buying cotechino at Little City Market in SF for several years. They don’t make it but import it and it is outstanding.