Saturday morning/afternoon in Boston. Suggestions?

I’m going on a cruise in a few weeks that stops in Boston for a day. We’re in port from 7am to 7pm on a Saturday. Can someone suggest some interesting foodie haunts to hit either for brunch or lunch? I wanted to go to Ming Tsai’s restaurant for lunch, but they don’t open until 4pm on Saturday. Is there something similar to Smorgasburg in NY (where they have lots of food trucks/booths with unique stuff). Or someplace for a nice lunch? I don’t want to spend a load of money but food is more important than cost.

Consider The Paramount on Charles Street for breakfast or lunch, Boston Public Market for either, Dumpling Palace for lunch or maybe Sportello?

No that bad of a walk across the channel over to the Galley Diner in Southie. IMO the best “greasy spoon” diner in Boston. They open early.

Also not that bad of a walk over to Row 34 for lunch. Try to go early or get a reservation.

Yankee Lobster

Lots of varied options in the seaport

I’d hit the Boston Public Market. You can browse and nosh and the food is more reliable than the food trucks. Look for some really good seafood options from Red’s Best for a nice New Englandy feel. If they have calamari, absolutely order that.

Thanks! Red’s looks great and will allow my wife to meet her “lobster roll in every port” requirement for this cruise.

Sounds like my kind of cruise! Let us know what you think.

Will do. We’re also hitting Portland, Bar Harbor, St. John and Halifax, so there will be lots of lobster (which I don’t even eat!).