Saturday lunch around Sebastopol/Guerneville/Monte Rio?

Any recommendations for lunch on Saturday in the general area of Guerneville? I’ll be driving from East Bay to Cazadero, can stop anywhere along the way starting w/ Sebastopol. I’m not a meat-oriented person, otherwise open to suggestions! Thanks in advance.

My vegan daughter and I had lunch at King Falafel in Sebastopol recently and both really enjoyed it. The vegan daughter and I also had lunch at the Korbel Deli and Market in Guerneville this past summer. We sat outside under the redwoods, and it was very nice. The food was okay, but the whole experience was very pleasant.
My husband and I also had lunch recently at The Altamont General Store in Occidental. We had to sit outside because we had our dog with us, and I think we would have enjoyed it more if we could have sat inside. Food was good, not great, we thought, but the place itself is interesting and comfortable.


Thank you! Just want to clarify, I do eat poultry & seafood, just didn’t want to be steered toward places where the main draw is burgers or steak :slight_smile:
Keep those recs coming… hoping for some great food!

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Occidental; Negris and the Union Hotel

Sebastibal: Willy’s

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Handline Sebastopol - they have a pretty outside space and some very good fish and vegetarian options
Grossman’s in Santa Rosa - jewish deli with nie outside space
Sazon in Santa Rosa - Peruvian, lots of fish options

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Ramen Gaijin/ Sebastopol. Not cheap and can be noisy, but the quality of ingredients is outstanding and their noodle dishes are amazing. Their version of dan dan mein (without the sesame butter) wowed me and my HK-born spouse.

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thanks, I already came & went. I ended up going to Hole in the Wall because I wanted to see if the duck burger measured up to the original chef’s. I hadn’t been since it changed hands. It ended up being an unfair test because I didn’t eat it until 40 minutes later. It seemed drier than I remembered. I’ll give them another chance.

We loved Hole in the Wall under the original chef, that duck burger was fabulous I agree. Do report back when you go again, will be eager to hear further.

Darn this pandemic, I miss making our 4x/yr extended trips to Sonoma County! Love the restaurants out there!

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