Saturday Brunch/Lunch in the Theatre District (ish)?

Friends are coming to town in a couple of weeks for a whirlwind theatre-focused trip and want to get together for lunch/brunch before their 2pm Saturday matinee of Appropriate. Anything new and notable in the area? We can travel outside the theatre district, but probably don’t want to venture tooooooooooo far in order to maximize dining time. Was hoping to try Shukette, but it’s dinner only. We took this couple to Upland last time they were here, which was a big hit, but they (and we) are generally open to any cuisine and price point (okay, not Masa). I’ve been craving tapas, personally. Hit me with your best ideas, thanks!!!

El Fish Marisqueria has brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and much of the regular menu. I haven’t been to brunch personally, but it’s fun, and the food is good. Sort of Mexican fish/seafood tapas (but with brunch items too, apparently).

Hope you enjoy Appropriate. I thought the play quite good and the cast superb.

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I haven’t been yet, but I’ve got my eye on this place:

And for tapas, you could certainly do worse (not new, though):

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Thanks ninkat and smallh! Marisqueria and Boqueria both sound great. Sky Pavillion is right up my alley too, although I have a feeling my husband would prefer dim sum if we decide to go Chinese (he’s not the biggest fan of ma la).

There’s a Dim Sum Palace branch on W 46 – it’s pretty good (as in, I have eaten at at various locations several times at this point).

There’s also a Tim Ho Wan on 9th, but the menu at DSP is much more extensive, and mostly better.

Thai usually comes to mind in that area. LumLum or Pure Thai Cookhouse
Le Sia is good for Chinese
For Italian dell’anima in Gotham West Market or Sicily Osteria

New request came in - must have bottomless mimosa. Boqueria fits the bill - other ideas? Thoughts on l’Adresse?

La Grande Boucherie

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Thank you! We actually ended up at l’Adresse (friends made final call between there and Boqueria). It was nothing special, but food and cocktails were both good (if overpriced). I’ll keep these others in mind for next time!

You’ve already been but last weekend I found myself in that area for a dinner before a screening of the new Willy De Ville documentary on West 67th St. I had no idea where to eat, but decided on DON ANTONIO and while it was packed, and no reservations are taken, we were both pretty happy with our pizzas: Margherita and, for me, lover of smoky flavors, the Provola, the latter coming topped with smoked scamorza. One pizza feeds a hungry diners and the salads we saw at an adjacent table looked pretty good. I would return if I the area. (It’s no longer connected with the Naples original)