Saturday Brunch @ Jeffrey's Grocery

Can anyone give me an approx. idea of what the queue is like around 10 AM?

We’ll either be a party of 2 or 4 people.

Is this one of those ‘show up 20 minutes before doors open or you won’t be seated before noon’ type of places? What’s the scene and line like on weekends?


Shouldn’t be too bad, new yorkers aren’t really up and at em for brunch on the weekends … and they can’t serve cocktails before noon- the two facts may be related :wink:
They’re fantastic for brunch so even if there is a wait it’s certainly worthwhile

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No cocktails though they do have a pretty solid looking bloody caesar w/ oyster, shrimp, cocktail onion cornichon and dill infused vodka!

Have you had the Fresser platter for two, and if so, what did you think?

Do you prefer their smoked fish or their raw bar? Is it worth ordering both?

Yes the bloody ceasar is really popular there! I had the regular bloody mary which was absolutely fantastic. I’m actually vegetarian so i didn’t try their fishy dishes, they’re best known for the oysters so that’s certainly a good place to start. I’m certain they do a good job with the smoked fish assortment- they’re super friendly and helpful so if you wanted to ask for a taste of the smoked fish before ordering the whole shebang for two i’m sure they would do so.
It’s such a charming neighborhoody kind of spot, it inspires fantasies of living just down the street…

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In September 2016, a bill went into effect permitting alcohol to be served in restaurants starting at 10 a.m. on Sundays.

Oh geez, thanks- obviously I haven’t been paying attention… ! i never seem to meet friends for brunch before 1pm or so anyhow so i just didn’t notice.

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Worst meal/service ever in NYC.

Just stay away.

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