Satisfying meal at Dinosaur BBQ, Stamford...

We like to sneak over to Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford off peak. So we sat down in a booth at 4 pm and ordered the delicious Honey Chicken Wings followed by a full rack with sides of baked beans, mac n cheese, collards, and cole slaw. The ribs were never so tender and juicy. Incredible! Took half back to Westchester…Dinosaur is still one of our mainstays in West/Fair for BBQ.


There is one in Newark NJ, I’ve never been but everyone who has brag’s about the place. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

We used to travel to the one off the West Side Highway in Harlem, but this one is now more convenient…

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Their happy hour is fantastic. I have to get back over there. Thanks for the reminder.

After a long week in Maine consuming a lot of fish and seafood, we had a craving for some good BBQ. Took a nice rainy drive up to Stamford to partake in Dinosaur once again. Our favorite order is the Lover’s full rack of ribs for two. Comes with 4 sides and some cornbread. As starters we could not pass on those addicting, plump honey mustard chicken wings. This time we even added fried green tomatoes. Of course, there was plenty to take home, too.

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