Sarasota Florida March 2022

We are visiting family in Sarasota for a long weekend. It has been about 3 years since our last trip.
Had a very nice dinner at Kacey’s Seafood out on Fruitville Road. We had a lobster bisque, nice texture and taste but on the salty side, seafood gumbo which was very tasty and not so salty, fish tacos, baked grouper with a lemon and butter sauce and a cod/shrimp basket. The cod and shrimp were very fresh-really like the gulf shrimp but it might of been because the cocktail sauce had plenty of horseradish, also came with hush puppies which I don’t care for but were eaten by others at the table who enjoyed them very much. The fish tacos looked and smelled wonderful but were not shared.
The next morning we were heading to DeSoto National Park and the Chiluhy Museum in Bradenton and St. Petersburgh but stopped in Sage Biscuit for breakfast first. About a 15 minute wait and then we all ordered the very healthy California Hipster, poached eggs on multi grain toast smeared with salsa and guac and a slice of beef steak tomato. We chose wisely! But I think all the choices would be wise. I love breakfast out!
Will add more as we go…and try to get some pictures too. Be well-GP


thanks for the report!

We enjoyed Owen’s Fish Camp, which was walkable from our hotel in 2019. The botanical gardens are veery nice, and we really liked the Ringling Museum, if you haven’t been


Owen’s became a routine stop during our family visits to Sarasota

I don’t think we are heading that way this spring, maybe in the fall. But i hear the weather has been pretty good. El Greco in Sarasota has closed, we were sad to hear that.