Sarakopa, Riverhead, NY

We had our weekly luncheon at Sarakopa yesterday. This place is a hidden treasure!! Located on Rt 104 (Riverleigh Av) just off the traffic circle and next to the State Police Barracks.
Fabulous food!! Pleasant service and small cafe ambience too. With WiFi!!
We enjoyed a nice variety of Pannini, soup, pastries and wraps. Fresh juice and smoothies too!!
They also have some interesting breakfast omelettes too.
The friendly manager enjoys giving newbies the “Tea Tour.”
Check it out!!

A one of a kind restaurant (for Riverhead anyway) and such a pleasant, helpful staff. Their selection of teas and coffee is out of this world, and the food is perfection. Couldn’t be more convenient to pop in, if you’re heading south off the LIE.

I’ve only managed to get there once but I enjoyed it enough that I hope to get back.

It’s “Sarikopa,” BTW.

OOPS!! I don’t see a way to correct my spelling mistake. It’s my go to spot for mornings I don’t have breakfast at home. Great Panini for lunch.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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Credit: TXMX 2