Sarah's Wine Bar at Bernard's - Ridgefield, CT

We finally tried Sarah’s last night. It is upstairs from Bernards in Ridgefield. It is kind of like the Tap Room at Crabtree - a less fancy version of the white tablecloth mom. The difference here is that the service upstairs is excellent! The space was quiet when we got there - early, about 5:30 and by 6 the place was jumping. People were pouring up the stairs and the place was full in a few minutes. The menu is casual - small plates or main plates, but there is also a menu of their pricier items from downstairs. It was Truffle time at Bernards, so DH and I shared a linguine with white truffle sauce. It was light and creamy and the home made pasta was perfectly cooked - for me that means not too chewy, but not too soft. The truffle was subtle and did not smack you in the face. It was heavenly! For mains my husband opted for the seared scallops with spaghetti squash and julienned snow peas in a truffle vinaigrette. The scallops were seared beautifully and the snow peas added a great crunch to the squash. Dessert was sublime. We shared the chocolate sampler. 4 chocolate confections and one was better than the next. Mousse, pots de creme, fondant and ice cream cake. DH liked the ice cream cake best and I will dream about that fondant. They also had a warm chocolate cookie on the menu - made with smoked chocolate. If they have that next time, I may have to try it.

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Somehow I missed this. Sounds great!

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