Sapporo Ramen, Porter Sq., Cambridge MA

Continuing on the noodle month theme today, after doing some banking in Harvard Square I made my way out to the Porter Square exchange to try Sapporo Ramen. Somehow I’ve always skipped over this place when I go the the Exchange, but after today I realize that’s a mistake. Just got the house ramen, which is their chicken & vegetable based broth accompanied by pork, corn, bean sprouts, nori and a half a hard boiled egg. The broth here is really velvety and packed with chicken flavor, and has a great, full mouthfeel without being greasy. The ramen is also solid, traditional yellow noodles with a good chew to them–especially when they first come out. The other ingredients all work well in the mix–some crunch from the scallions, sprouts and corn, flavor and soft texture from the well cooked pork, and a nice briny accent from the piece of nori. My one complaint would be that the ramen egg had the beginnings of the green ring around the yolk, indicating overdoneness. To me an egg in ramen should be well short of that point.

Other than that small bum note though, this was a great bowl of soup. Service is excellent here, too. A winner.


Yes, that yolk is WAY overdone. I like my soft boiled egg in my ramen to be on the runny side. It should definitely never be completely firm and overdone like that. That’s a bummer. Sounds good otherwise though. Perfect day for this dish.

I like how Santouka serves their eggs in a side dish so you can drop it in at your discretion and it does not overcook on the way to the table.

exactly, the yolk should just be starting to set, imo. it’s a pity because otherwise I loved this bowl of ramen.

I need to get to Santouka.

So nice to hear that Sapporo is still alive-and-kicking, despite some recent-ish discouraging reports. I’ll date myself (not that I care)…Sapporo used to be THE place to go for lunch amongst my mostly Asian college crowd back in the mid-90’s. The waits were long and worth every minute.

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As one of the my friends put it, it’s not the best ramen you can find (my heart belongs to Totto in NYC-emphatically-not-Boston) but it really makes you feel satisfied like nothing else.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo