Santorini (Sleepy Hollow NY)

I’ve been going to this place since they opened and just haven’t been getting there as much in the past couple of years. We came in around 830 or 8:45 on last Saturday and the place was pretty well packed. We snagged a table by the kitchen (a bit of a loud, chaotic spot but it was fine) and ordered way too much food.

Complimentary hummus and pita are served and we got tzatziki to go with it. Their tzatziki is one of my favorites-- very well seasoned and fruity olive oil drizzled on top. Their Greek salad is made with very fresh vegetables and I really like their dressing-- I wish I could get the recipe for it. We also ordered spinach pie-- theirs is not my favorite rendition-- not cheesy/salty enough for my taste (honestly, I like my homemade version the best, but DD’s diner in Ossining also does a great version) but still good.

We went a little overboard with the apps so by the time our entrees came we ended up throwing in the towel after a few bites and took the rest home. My husband’s moussaka was the clear winner-- the bechamel on top was light, creamy perfection and the eggplant and beef were well seasoned. I was craving shrimp and while, again, it was well-seasoned, the shrimp texture wasn’t the best so it was probably frozen and thawed. Lemon potatoes on the side I could have done without. We had baklava to go-- a tad too sweet for my liking but chock full of walnuts.

My husband loves this place because it’s down to earth and I have to agree. There is no pretension whatsoever and the current wait staff is really nice. The blonde lady who seemed to be in charge was our waitress and she was super efficient and on top of things yet also really sweet and nice. Like I said it was a bit noisy but that didn’t bother us. They have kept up the interior nicely. Overall I think this is a hidden (casual) gem in Westchester. All that food only cost $57+tip.

Thanks for posting this. We went there several times when they first opened but haven’t been in a while. Will have to get back there.

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