Santa Gula, Sedro-Wooley WA

This little gem got on our radar recently when we searched for a new Mexican eatery. It’s most excellent, detail oriented food. Extensive menu, impeccably executed, and including dishes not commonly found. It’s not a “food bar” or buffet, but a cozy restaurant with a back bar.

Wahine had an enchilada plate that was outstanding, and I spluged on a carne asada plate that was very good. And we learned they make all their tortillas in house.

Skagit Valley remains predominantly agricultural (Thank God), and a happy aspect of that is a large population of Hispanic citizens and migrant workers. We are rich in Mexican restaurants in both number (maybe 30) and quality (maybe 3). What’s been missing is places with elevated quality and affordable prices. I can think of only one other, and that other is basically a fast food version of a taco truck.

What Santa Gula brings to the table is classiness, coziness, table service, affordability (our two mains totalled $25!) and wonderful food. Unique in this market.

Give Santa Gula a try. When you do, I’ll be the guy with guacamole in my beard.


Is it far off the I-5? I believe we go out Sedro Wooley way sometimes in the fall for apple picking, although now that we’ve got 3 trees in our own yard, it might become a thing of the past. But we love Mexican and haven’t found a ton of worthy places in Whatcom. La Gloria is probably the best of the bunch. Have you tried it? It’s up Meridian, in the Bellis Fair area.

Santa Gula is on Metcalf, which is S-W’s main drag. So yes, it’s about 4.5 miles off I-5.

One of these days …