Santa Fe Vegan

Hi! Will be in Santa Fe 10/18-21. Looking for recommendations for good places for dinner with good vegan/dairy free options. Vacation will be lots of walking and hiking so more casual restaurants preferred. Open to any cuisine. Thanks in advance.


What did you find?

Well, we did ok with no cheese requesting. But we did find ROOT 66! This was a teeny cafe and bakery. Totally vegan. Run by a lovely young man and helped out by his parents. His food was delicious. But the super unexpected bonus was the baked goods bee came back Friday morning on our way home and picked up vegan bobka rolls that were sweet, chewy, crispy and warm. Cannot heap enough praise on his baking. His other food was wonderful too but the baked goods!!!


And also there was a place that is sort of a chain called Annapurnas. They are in Albuquerque too. Delish and healthy breakfast options. Totally vegan monster sized burritos. And super nice staff in both towns.