[Santa Cruz] Dos Hermanos Pupuseria truck at the Saturday West Side Farmer's Market

Originally we went to the farmer’s market for another food truck. It was nowhere to be seen. Called them up and they said they were in Watsonville that morning. So we walked around the market and opted for the Dos Hermanos pupusa truck, parked just outside on the street.

Lots of people were waiting for their pupusas as well as eating them nearby.

The pupusas were very good. Not just good for Santa Cruz, but good for anywhere in the Bay Area. Nicely griddled with a little bit of ‘crispiness’ outside and filling seasoned just right inside. We got the revuelta, mixed, and a couple of others. I liked the revuelta the most. I also liked the curtido.

That’s my kid’s hand telling me to get more revuelta. It even converted her.

After a pupusa feast, we opted for some almond biscotti from Franco the Sicilician who’s running the Il Biscotto stall at the market. Not a biscotti maven, but these were very nice. Ate a whole bunch of them before getting home.

A week after, still on a pupusa high, we got some from another truck in Redwood City next to Hoover Park, thinking that RWC would offer up some decent pupusas. They were alright, but not even close.


The Santa Cruz farmer’s market website mentions that Dos Hermanos is the product of the El Pajaro Valley CDC Incubator Kitchen project. ‘For almost 40 years El Pajaro Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit based in Watsonville, has been dedicated to supporting new and existing entrepreneurs to create, develop, and expand their business ventures.’ They also have a booth at the Santa Cruz farmer’s markets selling food from the entrepreneurs. These are the other businesses from the incubator kitchen. Has anyone tried them?

Vendors selling with the Pajaro Valley CDC Incubator Kitchen Stand

My Mom’s Mole: traditional and unique packaged mole for sale and a simple mole menu.

The Green Waffle: packaged frozen waffles made with whole, healthy foods and a simple menu.

Oh! dip luscious: Mediterranean dips to order and packaged to take home.

El Nopalito Produce: cactus salad made with local cactus.

Artisan Hand Foods: savory meat pies with international flavors

Laviathan Foods LLC.: nutrient dense bars made with whole ingredients.

Unique Sweets LLC.:infused balsamic vinegars.

Almighty Kombucha: kombucha made locally and served on tap or growlers to-go.

Vinegirl Products: locally sourced apples, turned into high-quality vinegar aged to perfection.

Yoly’s Adobo: meat marinade seasoning and ready-to-eat, delicious, simple dishes with marinade.

Lo Major de mi Tierra: traditional Colombian empanadas served hot.

Splendid Blend: dense smoothies using whole ingredients - great for a meal on the run.

Edited to add, I think the ones I am most interested in are the mole, meat pies, and Colombian empanadas.