Santa Clara / Milpitas / Fremont weekend breakfast

Any recommendations for weekend breakfast between Santa Clara and Fremont (technically, en route to Danville if that brings up other options)?


  • sit-down with reservations available between 8am-10am or no lines
  • something we can’t get in SF, or less common in SF (no Northern European, Mexican, pancakes, eggs, etc.)

How is the breakfast game at Nutrition House or ASJ or Hunan Cuisine (Fremont)? Any strong chaat contenders fit my criteria?

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While I can’t personally vouch for this place, I have heard good things.

Weekend breakfast in your designated destination will be a challenge, looking forward to seeing any other comments/suggestions.

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Dosa Hut is open at 7:30 but it sounds like you might want something a little more upscale.

Dosa Hut sounds perfect! Upscale or budget are both fine, and I like the vegetarian angle. In fact, we are considering for lunch the day before to prepare for a meat fest at Chungdam for dinner.