Santa Barbara eats

I just stumbled onto this thread and my only contribution is that Julia Child’s favorite Mexican is one of my favorite Mexican spots and I’ve been going there for 40 years. La Superica, right down the hill from where I live in Santa Barbara. And yes there is always a line.

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Since we’re going further and further into tangential posts on this thread, I’ll just add that I’ve only been to Santa Barbara once in my now 70 year life & that was well over 30 years ago. Wanna guess where we were told to go & where we ate lunch?


Annegrace, Have you been to Rincon Alteno?

Just googled it and have never heard of it! We have three Mexican restaurants in SB that we rotate (plus I cook Mexican food)-Superica, Corazon and Los Agaves, where we only order the molcajete. When Covid hit I was relieved to be able to get them all to go.

A favorite of ours as well, especially on days when they make “sopes.” Moved around some during the pandemic, but I think may be back on Tuesdays now? Lucky you to live up that particular hill!

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That’s the one vaguely in a gas station? Stopped by a couple of times when we couldn’t make it far from where we stay in Carpinteria, but were not impressed. Is Corazon the place in the S.B. Market? If so, it’s a great spot too.

Yes. Ramon the owner has also opened a stand alone place called Corazon Comedor in SB and is opening another spot in Montecito and Carpinteria. We love the original in public market. Always get the Norteno (beef, beans and gauc), Tijuana (shrimp and octopus) and their amazing ahi tuna ceviche tostada.

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Some places to try when we get back! Thanks for highlighting.

Um, maybe these conversations belong in the CA area and not France?

Oui…had the same thought, but no idea how to do that, nor how we drifted so far afield!

We ate at Corazon on our last trip up to San Jose. Stopped half way in Buellton and had dinner in SB. The food at Corazon is as good as ever. Everybody loved their food. We had steak burrito, chicken taquitos, rice n beans, shrimp quesadilla and a few tacos.

There’s been a lot of changes at the Santa Barbara Public Market since Covid. A lot of turnover in vendors. Shalhoob’s at the market is at the front and back of the market with the bar and restaurant. The wine bar that we loved is no longer there.

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Can someone at Hungry Onion kill this thread ? Please.

It’s about FRANCE for heaven’s sake, not some places in God knows about which no one on this board has the least amount of interest.

. . . knows where . . .

When I look at the thread it’s now in southern calif thread. It was moved a few days ago.

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Yes, they opened it up and created lots of outdoor seating which we really appreciated last year. Our other favorite place there is Empty Bowl, which has great thai food.

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