Sangria, homemade concoctions

We typically use red because we buy more reds. I have a couple of bottles of Rose and wondered what your recommendations for a sangria using Rose would be.

Fruit wise I have plenty of stone fruit and grapes handy but welcome experienced suggestions.

Thanks, Rooster

More often than not (and because I’m in the white/rosé wine camp), I make a white sangria.

For that, I usually add some frozen peaches and a mix of berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries). Now that most of those fruit are in season, you can of course use fresh.

I like the frozen, as it also functions as a cooling agent :slight_smile:

Splash of orange juice & often a goodly amount of prosecco, too. Very refreshing – I often have to make a new batch to satisfy demand '-)

I think a similar mix would work for rosé wine as well.

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Thanks, this is exactly that I was looking for. I am going to run out for a few things later but I am making your version tonight. The add of sparkling wine is just the fresh hit I was looking for. I have plenty of fresh fruit to use up but the tip for using frozen makes sense.

btw, how did your gig go? I saw you mention the venue in another thread.

All set. I am making a tray of peach puree ice cubes just to be fancy👍


Oooh. I like the way you think :slight_smile:

Gig went well, even tho my guitarist had to play sans mic for the first set, as we didn’t have the correct power cable.

2nd & 3rd set were great, tho. It’s a really nice atmosphere on the patio, and we had an attentive crowd. The strawberry summer cider made it even better :slight_smile:


Oh man, that cider sounds refreshing, perk😁
Glad to know after a mic glitch you were sail’in! Which style of music?

Blues, jazz, swing… with some random Tom Waits & Fiona Apple thrown in :slight_smile:

Just watched the first video and poked around FB as a non member. Congrats on the CD. If we get to the Bullfrog it would be a pleasure to check your sound this summer.

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My sangria which can pack a “punch”, generally the is a combination of the following:

I like Carlo Rossi Sangria as a base mixed with;
Coconut Rum (like Malibu)
Banana Liquor
Triple sec

The melody of flavors work well together. I will also add a bit of berry flavored seltzer to give it a bit of a fizz.

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Super easy to fix too! Thanks.

I wanna be your friend


Just put together Jrs version a few mins ago. very tasty and potent!:blush:


In a large pitcher, add:

One Bottle of Riunite Lambrusco, (“Riunite on ice is nice!”)
Three Shots of Sugar Cane Rum
One Shot of Grenadine
A Double Handful of Bite Sized Fruit, (Melons, Cherries, Pineapple, Oranges, Peaches, Strawberries, whatever you think will be good after marinating in wine and rum)

Stir Well

Add one 12 oz can (or about a cup and a half) of Ginger Ale and stir lightly.
Pour over ice making sure to get a few pieces of your favorite fruits.

A two-fer! Be still my Sangria loving heart!

I usually use any wine I have at home, usually open bottles. If it is red wine, then I add grapes, orange, apples, some cinnamon and rosemary.
If it’s white wine, then I add pears, apples, mint, some honey, and sometimes lychee.

Lychee. Sounds sweet but interesting. I just made a hibiscus simple syrup for a dry white wine Sangria.

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Oh, I used to be the king of sangria before my fully giving my soul to hard liquor-based cocktails. I always took the “little of this, little of that” approach and used to get people screwed up!

My basic one was always a bottle of cheap Merlot, half cup white rum, half cup Triple Sec, and assorted fruit (orange slices, cubes of apple, some lemon and lime slices). If I was feeling like totally messing up your next morning, I would add a hefty pour of Limoncello.

A friend of mine used to make a lethal blend, which surprisingly was just red wine, brandy (I think a cup), and fruit juices. No additional booze. But man, it hit hard!

Then there is this concoction I made on several Thanksgivings: a bottle of Chardonnay, half cup white rum, 1 cup of cranberry juice, 1 cup of sugar (you can dissolve it in the cranberry juice), 1 cup of cranberries (can add them in frozen), sliced apples, and two cups of seltzer. I remember getting this from someone who used Sprite instead of seltzer, but that was just too much for me. Looking back on these now, I can’t believe how much sugar was in these drinks. I have not made a sangria in over a year. It haunts me to this day.

I also want to add this recipe. It is not Sangria, but it may be something worth looking into. It has no name, though there are similar recipes that are called an “English Garden”. However, I am willing to take credit for inventing this drink. Fill a glass with sparkling wine of your choosing (a good Prosecco will do) and add a large splash of St. Germain and a smaller splash of gin. Serve with a lemon twist. It is a delightful wine cocktail on a summer evening. I usually put it over ice, but you can do it straight.

Thanks for sharing. I dislike gin in all forms, so I would sub. The thing we like about Sangria most is the low alcohol and fresh fruit flavors. It’s def a crowd pleaser at our home; mock or vino based. Light and flavorful.

The days of me knocking back are def behind me. I enjoy a well made cocktail, a solid beer, wine in most forms and the occasional iced bourbon. But nothing that grogs me out.

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Reminiscent of a French 75

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