[Sandringham, Norfolk] The Cafe

Located just off the visitors car park, the Café is open all year round, even when Lizzie Windsor is stopping at the house, so is a lunch option if in the general area.

We had low expectations but the food proved surprisingly good. There was Welsh rarebit – two thick slices of toast topped with a tangy cheese mix. It was one of the eight or so dishes on the day’s menu. Another was slow roast belly pork – a generous slab of meat cooked so that it was, almost literally, falling apart. There’s proper mashed potato – i.e. potato mashed – none of your pomme puree slop. And the mash is topped with shards of crackling. And there’s red cabbage and Chantenay carrots making a big contribution to the five a day. Gravy was more works canteen quality than restaurant.