San Remo Red Bank, NJ

Been awhile since I’ve been here but decided to swing back and see what they have been up to. While the food was the normal very good, there was certainly something off about the place. Only the downstairs dining room was open, only 2 servers no bus people and no hostess.

We literally stood at the hostess desk 5+ minutes waiting to be greeted, I actually called the restaurant while standing there hoping the phone would bring someone to the front desk, it did not. Eventually one of the servers saw us and seated us after an additional 5 minutes.

2 servers and 15 tables!! They actually handled it rather well much to my amazement as I paid specific attention to the servers. Overall the food was very good and I would certainly come back again but I’m really curious as to the lack of floor staff.

I had the lamb chops with risotto special, it was very good. Also had Cesar salad and spinach egg drop soup both were enjoyable. The lamb chops were only 3 single cuts, not a very generous serving size. Wife had a beet salad and flounder dish which she enjoyed both of.

Yeah. It’s usually empty in there when I get off the train late.

They have a pretty extensive menu, which leads to freshness concerns on my part.

I think Via 45, which is always booked, is kind of eating their lunch.

For the money I like Christine’s better.

Christine’s is exactly the reason I don’t go to San Remo’s as often. Lol

Wow that dish is looking skimpy. What did that lamb dish run?

It was a special so I didn’t see the price or pay attention when the check came, total was $88 including tax (before tip) for 1 soup 2 salads 2 entrees.

We loved San Remo when it was on Newman Springs Road in Shrewsbury. We have gone to the relocated San Remo in Red Bank four times, all with another couple. With each visit things got progressively worse…food as well as service. We kept saying let’s give it another chance, but after our fourth visit we have written it off completely.

I liked them in their original location, but I hated the actual location, too tight and too loud. Sadly I agree I think they are letting things slip at the new spot.

I really loved the old San Remo. Fantastic ambiance, BYO. Reasonably priced. It was like the perfect neighborhood Italian joint.

We had a surprise guest Saturday night, my nephew stayed over to join us at the Haskell and he wanted to go out for Italian. Unfortunately Jimmy’s was booked so I called over here and they were able to accommodate us. It’s been a while since I’ve been here…and sadly I’m not sure how business is going. Not since they first moved to this location have I seen the upstairs dining room open, and even tonight a Saturday night the upstairs was closed and just over half of the downstairs dining room was occupied at a prime 7pm time.

We had fried calamari appetizer which was very good, light crisp and fresh not frozen. They changed their menu and shortened it quite a bit, so I just decided to go with a veal parm. (they used to have a veal chop parm, but this was a cutlet) It was very good, no complaints, my wife’s fish (although different than what she was expecting) was very good and fresh as well. Both my son and my nephew ate every bite of their pasta based dishes (I don’t recall what exactly they got). Service was good, considering they had a skeleton crew, guessing they staff according to their expectations, which don’t see to be very high.

It’s a same, since they moved from their previous location I haven’t had a bad meal but their business seems to have fallen off a cliff. There is always the fact it was a Saturday in the summer in Red Bank so the crowds are all drawn to the waterfront dining…which is what I hope the story is.

Anyway bumping this up to help remind people there is a good Italian option available on the “out skirts” of town.

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on your recommendation, this was one of our first nights out when we moved here 4 years ago. We had the veal chop and stuck to that, Milanese, a pasta, and an app that was quite good. This was in the RB space. We actually sat outside on a pleasant not too crowded evening. We’ve meant to go back but just haven’t had the chance. I’ve read many people lately especially, having issues with them. I think the new spot is both WAY too large and not in a great area for fine dinning. It’s a shame, we prob should go back to give it a try since out last memory was so nice but our time to go out is so rare these days I hesitate to take a chance…


Looks like the empty tables were a harbinger of things to come…hadn’t been lately, but enjoyed my meal there, will be missed…ultimately think they made a mistake moving from the spot in Shrewsbury…esp when the replacement joint there failed quickly too…

I hope they go back to their old location and can recapture some of the lightening in a bottle they had.

Agree. Although Albariño is killing it these days in Shrewsbury