San Mateo vegetarian?

I’m meeting some friends for vegetarian food in San Mateo. Reservations or the ability to get seated immediately are important.

They live outside the US and are used to great middle eastern and Italian food, so those are off the list. Mexican or Latin American would be ideal, but Asian or Cal cuisine are cool too. Here are my thoughts:

Best or Burma
Chennai club

Isakaya ginji
Myung dong tofu cabin

La piñata for pupusas

What do you think? Anything else to add to the proposal list?

Rasa Indian restaurant in Burlingame. They take reservation for lunch and dinner.

All Spice?
Block 34 (?)

Trying to think of places more californian.

Chinese only works if they are very relaxed and/or someone speaks chinese.

Mexican and Latin American are not good pickin’s for the veg crowd.

Cool, I’ll float Rasa and All Spice to them!

None of us are Chinese speakers, but we might be okay at Chef zhao, where language hasn’t been an issue for me in the past. They apparently have some vegetable dishes in the form of dry pot. Little Shanghai also has a decent selection of veggie dishes and isn’t too pricey.

Little Shanghai is a very pleasant place, of course, and does have a very broad menu. I have had language issues there, although not terrible problems. I find most vegetarians blanch when a chinese restaurant waiter, when asked if there is meat in a dish, says something like “No, just chicken”. While this is a matter of language and culture, it translates poorly…

Thanks for the feedback— we’ll hit one of the nicer Indian places on our friend’s next visit— some changes in plans demanded takeout.

We got Best of Burma. The orange-colored Shan tofu wasn’t something I’ve had before, and I loved it. The internal texture is similar to the soft cheese in kunafeh and there was an outer skin similar to thin yuba.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2